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Medictel Has the support of the South Korean Government for Korea medical tourism

Medictel's Unique advantages

We work with several hospitals, doctors, hotels and the Korean government in Korean medical health and beauty tourism field

Experienced Team

Medictel has an experienced team to consult with to provide you with the best hospitals and best doctors in Korea.

Global Collaboration

Medictel has a global cooperative relationship with several countries with same vision and mission in health, beauty and plastic surgery fields.

Modern Accommodations

Medictel helps you find your accommodation in modern hotels and apartments located near your hospital in accordance with your budget.

Special Tour Events

Medictel will plan special tour events for you, ranging from culinary tours, mall shopping, Korean souvenirs, to visits to Korean popular destinations

Korean medical tourism cooperation

Medictel works with the best hospitals in Korea, Korean aesthetic doctor and surgeons.


We will bring you to see the beauty of Korea with its traditional culture


We will find you the best hospitals and beauty clinics Korea has to offer


We will find you aesthetic doctor and plastic surgeon for you to consult with.

Latest news

Medictel has just visited several hospitals in Seoul and Busan, South Korea on August 30th to September 2nd. The purpose of this visit was to check the service qualities of hospitals with which Medictel was planning on making its newest collaborations with, namely View Plastic Surgery Hospital, KUIMS Hospital, Kang Dong Hospital and Kosin University Gospel Hospital.

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