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8 Tips to help you find a plastic surgeon you can trust

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Who always wants to look beautiful in public and stay beautiful on television shows both naturally and using cosmetics and so on.

If we feel something is wrong from our face and ourselves, usually women always cover up with thick makeup or expensive makeup, but what if there is someone who feels lacking in ourselves, either our nose is too big or our jaw is too wide or the breast shape we are small.


medictel korea

medictel korea

And even plastic surgery for beauty is very much sought after by Indonesians, both from new adult women to women who are around 40-45 years old. And their professions are also various types, both from female students, models, career women and from artists. For those of you who really want plastic surgery, please refer to the following tips.

8 tips to help you find a plastic surgeon you can trust

  1. Talk with friends, your family or acquaintances who have already had plastic surgery to get recommendations
  2. Find out by looking at reviews from plastic surgeons in the area where you want to have plastic surgery
  3. Compare the quality and qualifications of the candidates for the surgeon you choose
  4. Ask the surgeon you chose whether it is affiliated with the hospital
  5. Come to every consultation by preparing your question questions to a plastic surgeon
  6. Always remember that you want a surgeon who is useful, polite and skilled in using the device
  7. Make sure the location of the office can be found, clean and supported by friendly staff
  8. Listen to your conscience and don’t rush.

From these 8 tips, it may be useful for you

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