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What Koreans Think of Plastic Surgery in South Korea

medictel korea

medictel korea

Upon hearing South Korea, perhaps plastic surgery is what comes to mind for people outside of the country. This isn’t surprising considering the high number of plastic surgery procedure done in Korea. So much so that plastic surgery has become entrenched in the country.

But do actual South Koreans think about plastic surgery in South Korea?

Here’s a summary of a YouTube channel named Asia Boss on their interviews with a handful of South Korean people.medictel

  1. Some Koreans consider that look just as or even more important than talent. A number of the interviewed said celebrities with good looks will be just as successful as those without, even if said celebrity isn’t as  good of a talent as the latter, and it would be noticeably tougher for those without the looks to be as successful.
  2. Koreans don’t mind it if said celebrities achieve their looks with assistance of plastic surgery procedure.
  3. Nobody likes being stereotyped, and this includes Korean people. People (understandably) seem to be uncomfortable with all this stereotypes about plastic surgery culture in Korea  since there are still a lot of Korean citizen who choose to not go under the table. While a lot of Koreans have embraced plastic surgery as part of life, there are a number who aren’t so acceptive of it. They view it as an “easy way out” of flaws people were born with.medictel korea
  4. That being said, there is one thing both sides seems to have agreed upon, that someone’s decision to have Aesthetics surgery is his/her personal choice and should be respected as such.
  5. How outside media portrays it though, is quite disappointing. They seem to have painted it in really bad light.
  6. Eyelid surgery for expample is a minor surgery. blepharoplasty, is quite common because Korean beauty standard includes big rounded eyes with double eyelids. This surgery is so common that it’s normally given as graduation gift for highschool students.
  7. Some Koreans feel those with good looks are treated better. People tend to be more polite when communicating with someone attractive, even if said person isn’t of opposing sex. Furthermore, being attractive can net them a job easier, even when their looks have nothing to do with their work desc. So it’s not surprising that many Koreans strife to have the best look possible, it’s not just for personal satisfaction, it can be a sound career move.


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