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5 Smart tips for those of you who want to vacation in South Korea

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South Korea is a tourist destination for foreign tourists including tourists from Indonesia, Russia, Philippine, Malaysia and other country. South Korea is now one of the most favorite countries for vacation.

The culture of South Korea is also a special attraction besides that there are also those who are interested in Korean Drama who  as well as their Kpop which is very much idolized by young people. For Tourists  who want to go there to South Korea Whether it’s for medical tourism in Korea or Korea medical tourism.  Tourists who indeed visit and travel to South Korea, here are 5 smart tips for those of you who want to vacation in South Korea.


  1. Travel plans : First you have to make a travel plan in advance or call it the management journey. That is the trip schedule must be prepared, how long will it take to travel or walk in South Korea and want to stop by or go anywhere so you can arrange the costs correctly.medictel
  2. Book tickets far away: From the Skyscanner website, South Korea has seven International airports and the main airport is Incheon airport which is connected to various world airports, including Indonesia, there are 3 direct flights from Jakarta to Seoul with a total of 25 flights for the week. set the flight schedule when and specify the day. The lowest price or promotion, you can also get from transit flights such as Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur-Seoul. In addition, according to skyscanner data, the cheapest time to purchase airline tickets to South Korea is 19 weeks earlier.

  3. Take advantage of the free tour in Seoul: VisitKorea site is the official website of South Korea tourism through its website Indonesian tourists can book free tours to South Korea called Walking Tour tourists will be invited to take a bus and travel around Seoul without being charged a penny there are many travel destinations chosen according to taste .
  4. Know the weather in South Korea: Spring starts from the end of March to the month of Mai, this season you can see cherry blossoms blooming. Summer starts from June to August. The peak of summer starts in August with temperatures around 23 to 35 degrees Celsius. Autumn starts from September to November, Autumn is the most beautiful season of Ginko trees and Maple trees change the color of their leaves to reddish yellow throughout South Korea.medictel korea 

    Winter usually starts between December and February with temperatures around minus 3-6 degrees Celsius. So you are warned to prepare clothes if you walk to South Korea, adjusted to the weather

  5. Take advantage of your local travel agent in Indonesia: You can also entrust your vacation trip through your travel agent. With your travel agent you certainly don’t need to bother taking care of your travel destinations. So there is no need to be confused to choose the right destination, and the budget costs that you need will certainly be easier to predict.

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