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Korea Medical Tourism

Medictel Indonesia

Medictel Indonesia


Korea medical tourism is a health tourism in Korea, more precisely we while on an excursion to Korea but we take the time to check our healthy or body. Which he knows are more popular, body check ups are usually done by people who have been diagnosed with certain diseases such as cancer and so on, and we can also do plastic surgery in Korea.

Hospitals in Korea famous for their equipment sophistication and also the hospital is famous for being a hospital for foreigners and being an international hospital.

At present South Korea is indeed known to be one of the favorite tourist destinations of people all over the world. One of the reasons is the emergence of Korean drama series that often show the beautiful natural scenery of Korea. Mountains, beaches, beautiful buildings, and urban landscapes that depict modernity often become the ‘menu’ of K- Drama that is presented to loyal audiences.



Not only that, South Korea is also known for its celebrities who have beautiful faces. But the beautiful face of Korean celebrities is mostly known for carrying out plastic surgery. The certainly raises the perception that South Korea is indeed the best country in taking action to beautify themselves.

Because of this, nowadays many people go to South Korea not only want to go for a walk and have a recreation. But it also carries out medical measures such as plastic surgery and other medical treatments. This is better known as medical tourism. Medical tourism is a trip abroad to take health care or other measures. Various reasons for patients to choose medical tours. For example, because of more sophiscated medical facilities, better quality services and low public trust in medical personnel in the country of origin. So why was South Korea chosen to be a medical tourism destination especially for plastic surgery? As is well known, South Korea is known for its sophisticated technology in the field or plastic surgery. For koreans, doing plastic surgery seems to have become part of South Korean culture.



Because in essence, humans need to always look good and look attractive. But sometimes there are many shortcomings in the self that  cannot be covered up just like that. Therefore, plastic surgery is one of the quickest ways to appear more attractive and perfect.

Not only about supporting appearance, plastic surgery is also often done for other purposes. Like for health. There are several physical defects that can be corrected by perfoming plastic surgery. Such as facial defects after accidents, cleft lip and septal deviation conditions, namely the position of the bending of the nasal cavity that causes a person difficulty breathing. And this condition can be cured by doing rhinoplasty to improve the respiratory tract.



Then, what is the procedure that must be followed by prospective patients before doing medical tourism to Korea? First, prospective patients are required to know their condition well and clearly. If you want to do plastic surgery, the patient must make sure which body parts need surgery. After that, patients are required to include treatment documents such as medication history and various results of medical examinations carried out by the patient during the treatment process in the country of origin. This information will certainly facilitate the consultation process with expert doctors in medical tourism destinations.

Second, find out as much information as possible about the price list, the history of the doctor, and the hospital that is right for you to do medication and other medical measures. You must it think that the cost of doing medical tourism to Korea is huge. But apparently it is not. If added up, it could be that medical expenses abroad do not have a significant difference if doing treatment at a domestic hospital. Treatment in the country requires a lot of repetition at the treatment stage. That way, the costs incurred are also getting bigger. In addition, domestic medicine is also not suppoorted by sophisticated technology. Unlike treatment abroad, especially South Korea, which only requires a little execution. Not through a long and complicated process. The technology used is also an advanced and up-to-date techonology.


If you see the services and the good results that are obtained, the costs are rather large it seems quite worth it, right? Not to mention the time factor. The time used for treatment also tends to be short. You no longer need to spend a lot time doing repeated and continuous treatment to recover from your illness.

But if you don’t have much time to find out about it or you don’t want to be wrong in choosing medical personnel and hospitals, you can use the services of a medical travel agent. A medical travel agent will help you find the best hospital and doctor for you. In addition, medical tourism agents will also make the right hospital bookings and scheduling when you will take treatment.

Currently in Indonesia there is Medictel, a medical tourism agency that will help you make a medical trip to South Korea. You don’t need to worry, all the information you need about medical tourism in Korea, you can consult with Medictel. Medictel also has a trusted list of doctors and hospitals, this is because the patients are not trapped in illegal practices of irresponsible medical personnel.

Then the last, prepare departure documents such as passports, visas and more. Make sure you are on time to take care of all the documents. Prepare from a long time so that there are no delays.

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