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Mammaplasti Augmentation or breast enlargement surgery

korea medical tourism

korea medical tourism

Having a beautiful breast shape seems to be the dream of every woman. But unfortunately not every woman has that specialty. Some women feel less satisfied and confident in the shape of their breasts. They want their breasts to get better. one of them is by doing plastic surgery. although it still sounds a bit odd in some societies, breast plastic surgery does not seem new.

Especially for those who like to look beautiful, sexy and charming but have the desire to be able to realize something right with breast surgery. Breast enlargement surgery or also called the term mammaplasty Augmentation is an act of breast enlargement surgery. Where to place implants to increase the volume and shape of the breast.

There are several actions that must be taken before breast enlargement plastic surgery, including the doctor will check the condition and shape of the patient’s breast and then take photos for medical records. The results of this documentation for medical purposes will be used by medical personnel to consider the patient regarding several factors that include the size and shape of the breast that will be desired for the quality of the nipple and areola.

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After that the doctor will analyze the type of action that is appropriate for the patient and ask for information to the patient regarding the history of breast cancer that has been experienced by himself or the patient’s family. In this consultation, patients are expected to convey information about future plans relating to the process of breast transformation, such as pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

When someone decides to do surgery on their body parts, of course they have considered the risks that will be faced. Did you know what risks can occur in patients who have breast surgery? What might happen after breast augmentation surgery? Some that may occur after surgery are the emergence of reactions from anesthesia, the accumulation of blood that may need to be removed with surgery.

In addition, infections also do not rule out the possibility of being able to occur. Even if the infection does not disappear with treatment and a simple virgin. May require temporary removal of the implant. In addition, although temporary patients will experience changes in sensation in the nipple or breast that may be caused by breast enlargement surgery. Then there is also what is called the contracture capsule, which is the movement of connective tissue that surrounds the silicon canton.

This can be minimized by doing regular massage on the breast during bathing. And the doctor will provide more complete information about this massage. Seeing the statement above is certainly legitimate to do breast enlargement plastic surgery, as long as it is done by medical personnel and experienced doctors. besides that the doctor also monitors the results while you are undergoing post breast surgery.


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