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Medictel, Medical Travel Agency Who Becomes Official Partner of Kyung Hee University Medical Center (KUIMS)

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For some people who have done overseas treatment specifically to South Korea, the name KUIMS Hospital or known as Kyung Hee University Medical Center (KHMC) is already familiar to some people. KUIMS is the only national institution that offers medical medicine, alternative medicine or oral medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacology and oriental pharmacology.

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The medical center consists of five large-scale facilities and three additional branches, with 15 total inpatient operating rooms with 1170 beds and modern equipment that includes CT. PET-CT and MRI scanners, angiography systems, Gamma knife, Tomo therapy and more. KUIMS treats almost 200000 outpatients and more than 32,000 inpatients in 2007. The dental hospital has 38 specialists and 90 staff who practice in eight special fields of dentistry besides that, KUIMS also has forty-three oriental medical doctors with 90 staff treating patients in eight specialties at the Korean Medical Hospital.

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This facility also collaborates in the care of patients with East West Neo Medical Center staff. The East West Health Screening Center uses traditional medicine and in screen scanning checks and guidelines for follow-up health care for patients. The East West Medical Research Institute at KUIMS has been designated by the WHO (World Health Organization) as the center for collaborating traditional medical research every four years since 1988.

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Medictel is the only Korean medical travel agency that has established an official partnership with KUIMS Hospital. As the only representative from Korea Travel Agency in to facilitate patients from  who want to do medical treatment at KUIMS Hospital.

medictel korea

With the presence of a Medictel travel agent, patients do not have to bother to take care of everything they need during their medical activities in Korea. Patients will also get non-medical needs such as shuttle transportation facilities from the hotel to the Hospital equipment equipment facilities such as wheel gear. modems, gemgam telephone rentals, and shuttle services at both the Korean airport and language translators who are always ready to help your needs, besides Medictel also provides additional services such as city tours and recommendations for interesting places you can visit. With guaranteed prices that will not exceed the price of your expenses if you want to do your medical activities in Korea individually, Medictel  is the right partner who can provide maximum service for your medical activities in Korea. Plan your medical activities with Medictel 

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