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View Plastic Surgery, Biggest Share on the Reality Show Korea Let Me In

korea medical tourism

For those of you who are lovers of Korean reality shows, you might be familiar with the “Let Me In” program. The program that aired on M Channel is a reality show that shows the story of someone who wants to improve their appearance and life through plastic surgery for free.

As is well known, having a beautiful and handsome appearance is important for the people of South Korea. They will experience significant problems if they don’t look attractive. Some problems will come over, such as difficult to get many friends, good work, and of course choosing a dream mate. By participating in Let Me In, participants will be made a ‘makeover bedah by surgeons and other medical personnel who of course really understand about the body condition and health of the participants.

In the event, there is a plastic surgery clinic that has a big effect on changing the condition of the patient’s face and body. View Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgery clinic that has participated in Let Me In events from season 2 to season 5. Total for 4 seasons View Plastic Surgery has successfully helped people who want to improve their lives through plastic surgery. As experienced by Hannah Lee (34), she felt insecure about the condition of her breasts. He only has one side of the breast. Her left side breast was removed when she underwent breast cancer surgery. But thanks to plastic surgery from Dr. Choi Soon Woo, a surgeon from the View Plastic Surgery clinic, has again gotten a glimmer of hope to live a better life. Now he can return to live a meaningful life with his baby.

korea medical tourism

view plastik surgery

view plastik surgery

In contrast to Choi Ji Hye (28), he was ridiculed to look like an open trash can because it had a form of lower jaw that was too advanced. In the reality show, Dr. Choi Soon Woo said that Ji Hye has a serious lantern jaw. Ji Hye experiences malocclusion or aberration in class 3 teeth. View Plastic Surgery Medical Team performs double jaw surgery and facial contours to solve the problem. Not only that, the medical team View Plastic Surgery also performed surgery on the eyelids and lifted the folds of his eyes to make the eyes prettier.

view plastic surgery

view platic surgery

The story of the two participants, proves that View Plastic Surgery clinic has succeeded in making people have a new life expectancy through plastic surgery. View Plastic Surgery also has medical personnel who are very reliable and experts in the field of plastic surgery. The medical staff is able to determine and execute the right action according to what is needed by plastic patients.

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