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7 Things You Must Prepare Before Getting Plastic Surgery

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Having plastic surgery is a big decision to make, so of course you need to prepare everything before doing it. Here are 7 things you should prepare before having plastic surgery!
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1. Rounded up determination
Strong determination and confidence is important to have before deciding to do anything, but it is especially true for plastic surgery, because this is an action that can change your life. Make sure you are really sure you want to do this and not regret it later. Also you need to be sure of which part of your body you want to enhance.
2. Find as much info as possible
So you are sure you want to have plastic surgery done. Good. Next thing you need to do is find as much info as possible, both about operation procedures, medical personnel, the hospital in which you will have your surgery, cost, and testimonials from patients from said hospital.
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3. Prepare your budget and ensure medical personnel track records
This is also important. If you already know the estimated cost, medical staff and hospitals, then prepare your budget. Make sure you are allocating your funds right. Also you want to avoid choosing wrong medical staff and hospitals. Unless you are feeling adventurous, it is safer to just choose hospital that already has certification in their fields and a good track records.
If you are unsure, you can use Medictel as your medical tourism agent service to assist you in finding doctors and hospitals for you.
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4. Routine Consultations with doctor
Consult with your chosen doctor  about everything related to plastic surgery, including what processes and impacts that can occur later down the line to save you from unwelcomed surprises.
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5. Stop smoking and alcohol
It is important for your body to be in prime condition before undergoing plastic surgery. You are required to cease your consumption of tobacco and alcohol. This is because substances contained in cigarettes can constrict blood flow which can result in slow recovery for your postoperative ability while alcoholic beverages can make you more resistant to bleeding, both during surgery and recovery period.
6. Mind your drugs and start taking vitamins
If you are taking drugs other than those given by the surgeon, you should consult with the doctor about it. generally, you should immediately stop taking drugs with ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory, blood thinners and vitamin E supplements. You should also start taking vitamin supplements like vitamin A,C, bromelain substances regularly, and apply special ointments routinely to prevent and treat bruises. For liposuction surgery, you also have to consume iron regularly.
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7. Reduce salt consumption and perform a regular diet
You are advised to reduce your salt or sodium intake at least one week before surgery. This is because sodium can increase swelling and bruising. In addition, perform a healthy diet program to improve your immune system such as eating vegetables, fruits, and protein.
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