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Tips for Avoiding Failures in Plastic Surgery

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The main reason to have a plastic surgery is to achieve better looks. However, in some cases, instead of beautiful face, patients end up looking worse instead.

To avoid bad results, here are some tips you can use before having your plastic surgery.


1. choose the right surgeon and right hospital

One of the most important factors in plastic surgery is of course the people performing it. To be safe, choose doctors and hospitals with clear certificate and track record.

If you are unsure, you can use Medictel’s service. Medictel is a medical tourism agent that can help you finding the right doctor and hospital by recommending a number of doctors and hospitals according to your needs.


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2. Make sure you are the right candidate to do the plastic surgery you want.

You might want to gather various information regarding the type of plastic surgery you will undergo. It is a good idea to know the characteristics of the right candidate in undergoing certain plastic surgery.

For example, cheek implant surgery is intended for those with flat cheekbones or early loosening of cheek skin. So in this situation, patients with loose skin due to their age are better off doing face-lift procedure or skin tightening procedure instead.

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3. Follow doctor’s advice before and after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery must begin with an in-depth consultation with the surgeon. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions from preparations to operating procedures. Ignoring your doctor’s advises will increase the risk of failure in your surgery.

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