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8 Proven Effective Diet Tips Without Exercise

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korea medical tourism

Achieving ideal and beautiful body in 2019? Yes, please!

Diet can be really stressful at times, or simply feels impossible for some of us who simply don’t have the time of day to exercise. But worry not! Medictel is going to share 8 diet tips so you can lose up to 20 kg in 3 months without exercise!

1. Find a like-minded partner.

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Research from Kansas State University found that couples who have same vision to support each other in carrying out healthy lifestyle will try 200% harder and will last longer than those without.

Apart from having a competition partner, your partner can also be a sort of “watcher” to prevent you from deviating from your shared commitments.

2. Determine reasonable and reachable target.

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Studies show that we tend to be more focused when we have reasonable, reachable, and measurable goal. “I want to lose some weight” is not a good enough goal, and we also don’t recommend targeting a 7-10 kg weight loss in a month. Instead, we find that it is better if you set your target to losing 1-3 kg a month on your first run. If you can’t reach it, lower the target slightly, and if it is too easy, and vice versa. The most important thing is to give the body time to adjust to new metabolism that you are creating.

3.  Avoid making your diet too tight that it becomes uncomfortable.

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Avoid making too drastic change in your diet. You can’t run without first learning to walk, so start simple. Control your food portions, reduce salt consumption, avoid fried food, drink enough water, stop emotional eating.

4. Quality sleep.

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Sleeping for 8 hours a day prevents ghrelin hormone from increasing, which is hormone that will stimulate hunger and causes excessive eating when you’re tired, according to Jim White rD, an American personal diet consultant and dietician.

5. Meditation

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Meditate at least 10 minutes every day. This exercise can make you feel calmer and reduce your emotional level. This is why many people take yoga to reduce their weight.

6. Improve your eating habits

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Try to change your diet with more balanced nutrition through consumption of complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. You can, for example, fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits with lots of vitamins, a quarter with proteins such as fish, chicken, or beans, and a quarter with more complex carbohydrates like whole grains from rice or wheat.

7. Avoid being obsessed with dates and times.

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Avoid being too fixated on your diet’s start and end date because this will make you become unfocused with your real goals.

8. Stay Focused and Always Pay Attention to Your Body’s Health.

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According to prof. Abigail Saguy from University of California, you have to focus on good health and nutritional intake while avoiding smoking and alcohol. Healthy lifestyle does not only benefit your diet program, but also your life as a whole.

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