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Gangnam District, South Korea’s Plastic Surgery Paradise

korea medical tourism
korea medical tourism
Gangnam, commonly referred to as Gangnam-gu, is an area in Seoul, South Korea. The word “gangnam” means an area south of Han river. This city is called new city. This district is the third largest district after Seocho-gu and Gangseo-gu. Gangnam has an area of about 40 square kilometers and a population of 556,964 people which makes it the fourth most occupied place in Seoul.
Gangnam is known as an elite and glamorous region. This district has high economic level because this region is the center of various large companies, namely Samsung, Hyundai, IBM, and Google, along with K-Pop management companies such as SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, and various expensive and branded shops. Gangnam is a city that never sleeps, be it holiday or normal days, afternoon or evening.
korea medical tourism gangnam style
This high level of economy means people in Gangnam is not shy of spending  their money for various things, including to enhance their appearance, through plastic surgery for example. Gangnam is known as plastic surgery paradise with endless options of clinics and hospitals specializing in plastic surgery.
Some of which are View Plastic Surgery clinic, Banobagi, and Grand Plastic Surgery. These clinics are known to have experts as their medical personnel, accompanied by high technology to produce the perfect results. This popularity has reached international level which is proven by how well known these clinics are in other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.
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