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Pointed and tiny face? V-Line is The Answer!

korea medical tourism
korea medical tourism

There are various ways to achieve beautiful pointy face, from food diet to make up. However, those are temporary solutions and must be done repeatedly, not to mention they require a lot of patience. If you want an easy, instant, and permanent solution, then plastic surgery is the answer.

V-line surgery is a plastic surgery operation to make your face look more thin and oval by narrowing the face towards the chin like the letter V. A lot of celebrities have this surgery in order to look more attractive in front of camera.
Before deciding to have this surgery done, though, you need to make sure whether or not the surgery is right for you, otherwise your face can end up looking weird instead. This surgery is intended for those with wide face, square jaw or double jaw, or short face with big chin.
So you have decided to have this surgery. Next, there are steps you need to follow. First of all, just like any surgeries, you need to consult your surgeon a lot, tell your doctor if you are suffering from a disease or are taking certain drugs. Also, you need to convey your wishes and goals as clear as possible so both you and your doctor are on same page. Make sure your surgeon does not misinterpret your desires since this is one of the main reason people are unhappy with their results.
After your consultations, you will be required to take a health test so the hospital can be sure that you don’t have any diseases that will affect your health after undergoing surgery.
The surgery is done by cutting the bone horizontally, and dividing the jaw bone to 3 parts. The center of the bone which looks flat and wide will be cut and the two corners will be joined together which will make slender jaw.
Surgery is done by cutting the bone horizontally, the tip of the jaw bone will be divided into 3 parts. Then cut the center of the bone that looks flat and wide. Then push into the two corners of the bone to stick together so that the tip of the jaw bone will be slender.
korea medical tourism
V-line surgery process

This operation is one of the more difficult procedure. The surgery lasts approximately 2 hours and you are required to stay 1 day after surgery, and you are allowed to remove sutures 7 to 10 days after surgery. You can see the end result of this surgery after at least 3 months, but the result and duration is different for each individual.

korea medical tourism
V-line surgery result

You should avoid food with hard texture within 2 weeks after surgery since it will overwork your freshly operated jaw. Instead, you should eat soft textured food like porridge, fruit juice, soft cake, or boiled vegetables.

Should you have postoperative swelling, you can compress it with ice regularly to minimize the swelling. This swelling usually disappears after 1 month, but this length also varies depending on several factors like age for example. You can help speed up your healing process by consuming nutritious food, brushing your teeth, and light exercise starting on seventh day after surgery.

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