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9 Easy Ways to Have Healthy Hair Without Salon Treatment

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Hair is a woman’s crown, which makes it unsurprising to see women go out of their ways, and even spend a fortune to have nice and healthy hair. It is basically a must for a woman.
You do not have to spend a lot of money in salon to have your desired hair. You can take care of your hair at home and achieve amazing results. Here is how:
1. Choose products suitable for your hair
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use suitable products for your hair
You need to know what kind of hair yours is. Dry and oily hair each have different shampoo and conditioner made for them, and obviously products tend to work best when used for what they’re made for.
2. Wash your shampoo with cold water
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cold shower will flatten the ruffled cuticles and lock in moisture to prevent breakage
Washing your hair with cold water can help preventing hair loss. Cold water helps with your blood circulation in addition to being able to maintain theĀ  strength of your hair’s roots. Cold water is also beneficial to keep your hair soft and shiny.
3. Using natural home-made hair masks
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aloe vera
You can make your own hair mask. You can use either avocado, eggs, coconut milk, fruits, or aloe vera to make your mask. For example, aloe vera is extremely beneficial for hair in case of conditioning and moisturizing and making hair thick and strong.
You can use aloe vera on your hair by taking the meat and using it evenly on your hair soaked in warm water for 15 minutes, then rinse it with water.

4, Use baking soda
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baking soda
Baking soda can help to reduce the chemicals contained in your hair styling products. You can do this by pouring 3 tablespoons of baking soda in water and rinse your hair with it after using your products.
5. Comb your hair properly
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combing your hair properly can make a difference between smooth healthy hair and damaged one
Although seem trivial, combing hair does affect your hair’s health. Combing from the top could lead to your hair falling and breaking because of tangling. Instead, comb the tip of the hair first then make your way to the top. This way, the comb will detangle hair and remove knots from each and every strand.
6. Don’t comb your hair when it’s wet
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hair is at its weakest when wet
Your hair is at weakest state when it’s wet. Hair is especially vulnerable to damage when wet since water weakens the weakest bonds within strands of hair. If you try to comb it, your hair will fall, break, and be damaged. You need to let your hair dry before combing it.
7. Wrap your hair in towel
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Because your hair is very fragile at wet, it is better to wrap it with towel instead of rubbing it to avoid breaking.

8. Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is a source of calcium. Commonly people know that calcium intake is good for your bone, but did you know it is also good for your hair? When you are low on calcium, your hair will fall out easily. Taking vitamin D will help your calcium level and keep your hair healthy.
9. Oatmeal
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Oat is one of the best food to prevent hair loss. Biotin in oats is very good for maintaining the strength and moisture of your hair. Not only that, it also have added benefits for your body such as controlling your blood pressure and boosting your immune system.
This concludes the 9 easy ways to have your shiny healthy hair without having to go to get salon treatment.

Why bother spending a fortune when you can treat it yourself at home?

(source: IDN Times)

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