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Come on! Check out the 10 series of skin care styles that Korean women can make glowing!

korea medical tourism

korea medical tourism

If you hear the word ‘Korea’ what comes to mind? Boyband, girl band and K Pop music? or a drama series starring oppa-oppa handsome and cool? Hmm, indeed everything about Korea is now being talked about by people all over the world. One very interesting discussion is about the world of beauty, especially its skin care products. Of course you’re curious, why do women in Korea have clean and smooth skin? What do they do about their skin to stay beautiful and healthy? And what skin care products do they use?

korea medical tourism

To get beautiful, healthy and delicate skin, of course, requires a variety of businesses which are certainly not easy. For starters, you should start from something as simple as not forgetting to clean your face after you finish your activities outside your home. First clean your face with cleansing milk, then wash your face with facial foam. Perform special movements to clean your face perfectly then rinse thoroughly. After that, exfloating is also important. Exfloating is done to remove dead skin cells on the face. Dead skin can make facial skin look dull, therefore exfloating is very important.

korea medical tourism

After the cleaning phase is done, it’s time for the face to be prepared to absorb various skincare products. The next product is toner, toner is a facial freshener product. The application is enough to put it on the cotton and pat it to the face. After the toner seeps in, apply the essence to the face. The Essence aims to help hydrate the skin, and accelerate the exchange of new cells to be able to produce new skin cells regularly.

Then give the essence concentrate high on the face that is useful to overcome the problem of anti aging and acne prone skin. And you also pay attention to the type of serum used must be according to your skin type. After that, use a mask on the face. You can choose various types of masks. But the most practical is a sheet mask. Stick the sheet mask to your face for about 15 minutes. Wait until the sheet mask is completely dry, that does not mean the content in the sheet mask has seeped into your face properly.   In addition to treating the skin of the face, the eye area must also not be missed in the treatment series.

Use eyecream as a form of prevention against the appearance of wrinkles and help remove dark areas in the area around the eyes. Then in the final stage, use moisturizer and sunblock to help moisturize and protect the skin from UV rays which of course can cause various problems such as black spots, wrinkles and others. Doing Korean-style treatments is indeed many stages. But all of them have their own benefits. The type of treatment also seems simple and simple and does not require you to spend more budget. Because the above stages of facial care are supported by products at affordable prices and easily available.

Come on, take care of your face immediately. Because facial skin health is your investment in the future. You don’t want to have a face that has many problems even though you are not too old?

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