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See Cushion Trends that are ‘Expansion’ to Various Makeup Products

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In recent times the beauty industry has been colored by the presence of Cushion, one of the innovations in makeup products that are considered very practical and efficient. Its shape is like a compact, making many women like it. Cushion was first popular in South Korea. In 2007, Amore Pacific produced cushion through several of their flagship brands such as Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Innisfree. Amore Pacific also found a fact about the habits of Asians in makeup, that is, most Asian women like to “touch up”. Touching up or repairing makeup is a self-decorated activity that Asian women cannot miss. Given the climate and weather in Asian countries that tend to be tropical, makeup can fade over a period of time, so women need to touch again on their makeup that has been applied earlier in the day. Cushion is very appropriate to use for touch ups, the practical shape is very easy to get into your makeup pouch and carried anywhere. If you have experienced makeup using liquid foundation, you often encounter some difficulties, including you fearing too much to pour foundation on the back of your hand. Of course this will not happen if you apply the foundation using a cushion. You can easily control how many products will come out, it all depends on the pressure on your finger pressing the sponge into the cushion container.

Because Korea is known for its light and natural makeup, the use of BB cream is very appropriate. BB cushion has become very popular among Korean people and even other countries. But if at first the cushion only contained a foundation or BB cream, now there are many makeup products that use a cushion for the application media. Here are some makeup products that have become other ‘media’ in using makeup on the face.

1. Blush On

Blush on is one of the most important makeup products used in doing makeup. Blush on function gives a fresh impression on the face. The face will look fresh and blush. People who have natural makeup tastes certainly do not want to wear a blush that looks very striking. They need a soft blush on, but still create a fresh and youthful impression. Therefore, there is a blush cushion for you adherents ‘makeup no makeup‘.

The way the application is the same as a BB cushion, gently press the sponge in the cushion container then apply the product to the cheek area. Usually the shade of the blush cushion color consists of pink and soft peach

2. Contour

Contour is a marvelous technique that works to create dimensions on the face and hide the undesirable parts of the face. Contour is done by applying the color of one or 2 levels darker on the specific face. As below the cheekbone, on both sides of the nose, forehead, jaw parts, and so on. For women who are not fond of excessive contours, contour cushion is a great option for women who still want to contour even if they do not want to look really real.   Apply products to some contour destination face areas, apply and do not forget to blend to produce a more natural look.

3. Highlights

Highlights are techniques that are contrary to contour techniques. But both of these techniques must be applied together to make the results of the makeup in harmony. Highlights function to highlight the parts of the face that want to be highlighted such as on the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, brow bone, lip cupido, the middle of the forehead, and others. Besides that, the highlight also functions to make the face look glowing, glowing and look healthy. The highlight product that we usually encounter is in the form of powder. But now there is also a highlight cushion to be able to produce a more natural and fresh highlight appearance.

4. Eyebrow

Makeup on the eyebrow or eyebrow is part of one of the most important parts in making use. We usually meet eyebrow pencils as cosmetics for makeup eyebrows. But lately there have been various types of eyebrow products such as brow powder, brow gel, brow mascara, brow marker, and others. Because the cushion trend is spreading, don’t miss the eyebrow cushion product. Hmm, it sounds very unique. The applicator used is also very presize. Equipped with an eyebrow brush that makes it easy to blend eyebrow colors. There are two shade colors in one packaging product. The dark one functions to make a bold impression on the tip of the eyebrow while the young one for the base of the eyebrows so that the eyebrows look more natural.

5. Lip Cushion

Lip cosmetics are cosmetics that have always had many types and shapes. Starting from a stick, liquid, cream pallete, to the shape of a lipmatte clique like a pen. The various textures are dense, liquid, matte, glossy, even liquid like liptint. Well, how is the Kalo cushion packaged into lip cosmetics? Lip cushion is one of the latest innovation products in the world of beauty. The usage is also simple. Suitable for fans of ombre lips. You can look like you have natural lip color using this product.

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