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Face Wash with Sparkling Water: The Latest Korean Beauty Trend!

korea medical tourism

korea medical tourism


South Korea is indeed full of innovation, especially in the field of beauty. First, they have their unique Korean style makeup and skin care which has successfully gotten the rest of the world following in on their trend, and this time, they are trying to introduce a new trend in facial care.

Facial treatment usually begins with routine cleaning of the face with facial foam and rinsing it with tab water, but Koreans have thought differently. They instead opt to wash their face with sparkling water, which normally is more associated with being put in drinking cup rather than being splashed all over your face.

So, why do they use sparkling water as face cleanser?
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Unbeknownst to most, carbonated mineral water is believed to make skin shine, remove dead skin cells, and shrink pores. In addition to removing dirt and dust, bubbles in sparkling water can provide additional oxygen to the deepest layers of the skin so the skin under the eyes and cheeks looks firmer and more supple.
This method is also claimed to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Which is an amazing news for you who happen to have sensitive skin as it tends to be hard to get beauty products for compatible for this type of skin.
For those who want to try this method, it is really easy. Just dip your face for 10 to 15 seconds in a bowl of sparkling water mixed with same amount of plain water. This is done so the water doesn’t cause irritation to your skin.
Alternatively, you can wipe the mixture onto your face or another option is to use the mixture as substitute for face toner. You can pat it on your face with cotton.
However, dipping your face into a bowl of sparkling water is considered to be the best method.
korea medical tourism
dipping your face into a bowl of sparkling water can make your skin shine, remove dead skin cells, and shrink pores.
You should pick sparkling water without taste nor smell, and be careful that the water doesn’t enter your nose when doing this process.
Also, don’t overdo this treatment. Do it twice a week routinely, and your skin will be brighter and healthier within a month.
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