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Apparently Excessive Applying Skin Care to the Face Is Not Good. Come on! Find out the negative effects

korea medical tourism

korea medical tourism

Women are indeed willing to do everything they can to have beautiful and glowing facial skin. Using a series of facial treatments (skin care) certainly has become a daily routine. Various products are applied to the face with different purposes. From starting to cleanse, remove dead skin cells, brighten, moisturize, to tighten and make the face look youthful. But do you know? Who says using lots of skin care always brings good changes to the face? Apparently there are negative effects due to excessive use of skin care. What are the negative effects?

1. Itchy, Runny and Reddish Skin

When a rash, strokes, itching and redness occur on the skin of the face after using many facial care products, you must be vigilant. This could be a marker of the skin reacting with the ingredients of the product or to the combination of many ingredients from these different products. “Rash and redness reactions can be caused by the content of perfumes, preservatives, or acrylates in cosmetics,” explained Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse

2. Skin becomes more sensitive to changes in weather and solar heat

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If your skin is usually stubborn and rarely has a problem, then it becomes more sensitive (experiencing pain, burning, or dryness) when exposed to sunlight or a changing temperature, try to check the products used. It could be, the skin becomes sensitive and reactive to the weather because of the use of many beauty products.

3. Skin Feeling Tight Like Pulled, Dry, and Rough or Oily Excessive

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If previously the skin naturally belongs to a combination or oily group, then after using a variety of skin care products then experience the sensation of a dry, rough, tight skin like being pulled, even feels rough to the touch, be careful! This could be a reaction because the product used by the formula is too hard to make the skin dry. This is not a good sign, because you will damage the skin barrier and have the potential to make the skin too sensitive. Conversely, if the skin feels very oily when it is usually not in this condition, this could also be the effect of mixing and using many skin care products. For information, the skin becomes too oily, it can be an effect because the skin condition is too dry, you know!

4. Glossy but not oily skin

There is also something like this, the skin looks shiny but not because it is oily but feels not greasy at all, and it actually feels tight and dry. This can be a reaction that shows that skin care products react badly and cause side effects on the skin.

5. More and more acne and inflammation

Perhaps the main reason someone mixes and uses layer by product is to treat acne. But after using it, even more zits become more and more severe inflammation. Dr. Sejal Shah, a dermatologist from Smarterkin Dermatology, said, “Fighting oily skin and breakouts by using a lot of special acne products can have the opposite effect. When you use too many products, the skin will actually become too dry and only make inflammation worse. ” Citing Woman Talk, advice before mixing and using a long range of skin beauty care products, read carefully the ingredients contained in it. Especially those containing terrible ingredients like acids. Please remember that AHA, BHA, and retinol / retinoids are active ingredients that should be used individually and not mixed with one another, and not too often, because it will be too hard to exfoliate and dry the skin.

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