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Makeup is right for you the owner of dark skin

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Make makeup or makeup is one of the important things for a woman. Makeup can also make a woman look more beautiful and fresh. With reviews of powder, blush and lips, a woman can look more stunning. But for those of you who own dark skin, surely you have felt how difficult it is to get the right makeup look and cosmetic shade. Some local makeup brands sometimes don’t have a wide range of colors in choosing foundation and powder shades. In addition, women with dark skin must also be careful in choosing blush and lipstick colors. You can’t choose the wrong color for blush on and lipstick. If you are wrong, instead of looking fresh and charming, you will look dull and the skin color will look out of tune.

The first thing you have to do is you have to determine the color of foundation and powder. If you choose a foundation color that is too bright for you, your skin will look gray. Of course you don’t want it, right? To avoid this, you have to dig up more info about brand makeup that gives off the shade of foundation you need

There are now many makeup brands that emit such a wide shade of shade. From pale white to dark brown skin, all shades are available. If you have already chosen and purchased a shade foundation that is too bright, you can outsmart it by applying darker powder to your face, or you can also apply the bronzer to the entire face using a powder brush.korea medical tourism

For eye makeup, you should use eyeshadow colors that tend to be natural and soft. Peach, bronzy and chocolate are safe colors for you. If you want to appear a little bold, you can apply gold color eyeshadow on the eyelids. That way you look more exotic and your makeup looks very luxurious. Don’t forget to add false eyelashes so that your eye makeup looks more alive.

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While on cheek makeup, it’s good for women with dark skin to use a blush on the color that tends to warm. Like orange coral and terracota, pink mauve, and other warm colors.

Avoid young colors like baby pink because it will make the skin color of the face look contrasting. Also avoid blush with dark colors such as chocolate which increasingly makes the face become dull. And for lip makeup, dark-skinned women should use colors that tend to be dark. Like maroon, brick orange, pink mauve. And if you want to use a nude color, use colors that don’t contrast with skin tones such as light brown and peach.

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You should avoid using lipstick with pink baby, fuchsia pink that is too bright, purplish color and other colors that will make your face look dull. But it’s different if you are confident to use it. You will always look attractive if you believe in using anything on your face and body.

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