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Korean Winter Fashion Trend for a Stylish Winter!

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South Korea is know as one of the birthplaces of uniqueness for its very attractive and adorable fashion style the basic rule of learning from the best, let’s look at some Korean looks you can steal for this winter.

  1. Kicking off with a tried and perfected look, this one is a timeless classic. Solid matching coat and scarf is indeed the hallmark of winter style. While shirt and jeans blends perfectly to created a casual impression, and don’t forget the trendy white sneakers and matching colored socks with your chosen coat. Event thought is consists of simple fashion items, this blend of fashion can give you the super sleek and stylish impression.
  2. korea medical tourismThe next one is similar to number 1, still with a parachute coat, but this time mixed with feather accent in the coat collar that make it look (and Feel) warmer. the addition of fur accent in the nect area means you can replace scarves with other items for more flexible dress-up. Don’t forget the additional booble hat as a cherry-on-top to further emphasize your outfit and give additional cuteness to it. For the bottom, you can simple jegging to balance your look and platform shoes to balance your look and platform shoes to keep your casual look feminine.
  3. Korea medical tourismOn number 3 we have long blazer as an option to wear in winter. For this you need to choose the right material for your blazer. You want to look good, but freezing while doing so would’t be ideal. Make sure to choose material that tent to be thick and can provide warmth to your body. For the lower side, jegging can always be an option as it doesn’t restrict your movement, paired with ankle boots to win you some style points.
  4. korea medical tourismNext up we have a really unique looking style, which is a knee-length coat paired with turtleneck collar with plaid pattern that will certainly make you look different. Because this style doesn’t match well with other body heatingĀ  accessories such as hats, scarves, or wool gloves, this makes the look perfect for trips that aren’t too far away. For added heat on your feed, you can wear calf length socks and platform shoes. That way you can enjoy walking in snow filled city.
  5. korea medical tourismIf you’re not a fan of layered fashion prefer simple yet girly look, you can use an oversize sweater with bright colors with matching calf lengthen pattered skirt to give a really feminine impression. As an add on, you can add beret hat as an accent for maximal sweetness.
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