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Seoulland: A Fun and Exciting Family Recreation Destination!

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For those of you who planning a vacation trip to south Korea, you definitely can’t miss one of the most exciting attraction Korea has to offer, Seoulland. This place was used as shooting location of K-drama series called “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” where tho of the main leads have romantic date by riding some adrenaline pumping rides.

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and adrenaline pumping describes some of Seoulland’s rides perfectly, as some of these vehicle can reach a speed of 100 km/hrs!

Or if roller coaster isn’t your thing, there is also the Smachulli Hill Top Spin arena, which is a rotating ride that makes your body feels as if you were thrown far into the sky.

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Obviously we can’t leave the little ones out. seoulland has kid’s rides like Musical Carousel which, as the name implies, is a carousel where you ride various musical instruments instead of horses.

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Another reason this place is favorite of many tourism is its location, Seoulland is located in an area adjacent to other tourist sites including zoos and the National arts Center for you to hit once you tired of playing.

as for restaurant, you can go with practicality and order fast food from outlets such as Lotteria and SFC ( Seoulland Fried Chicken ) or if you are in the mood for something a little bit special, you

Seoullandcan come to kids palace, a restaurant that has cute and adorable decorations where you can order tonkatsu, udon, jajangmyeon noodles, among others.


If you are looking for space to relax with a cup of coffee and bit of snacks you can visit Best beans. There is an ice cream menu, donuts, hot chocolate, caramels macchiato, etc

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Finally, we are gonna take a look at the shop. Seoulland has a handful of selection of shops you can choose. Looking for a more wearable souvenirs ? world plaza store sells not only clothes, but also hats, glasses, sandals and more. or perhaps you prefer the type of souvenirs you can much on. In that case Candy and Jelly store have a variety of sweets and jelly with various shapes and delicious flavors.

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Seoulland is open every day. 10:00 to 18:00 at Monday to Friday and 09 :30 until 19:00 at weekends.

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