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Korean Beauty Trends That will be big in 2019

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Seeing how bib Korean women’s interest is in the world of beauty it is not surprising the fact that South Korea is one of the best trendsetters in the world should come as no surprising to anyone seeing how big Korean women’s interest is in the world of beauty. Koreans always push themselves to appears more beautiful and attractive through various innovations. learning from the best, here are a couple of beauty trends you can steal in 2019 from

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‘Mix & Match’ Sheet Mask

Korean skincare fans out there are definitely no stranger to sheet masks that can nourish and moisturize your facial skin. Well, if an ordinary sheet is in the form of one face just as 1 sheet solution to all. However, what if we actually need different treatments for different parts of our faces ? You mix and match them of course ! You “mix” by puting 1 product on a part of your face and another product on another part that needs different “matching” solution.

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‘Velvet skincare Texture

Velvet has become a key word for Korea’s beauty trend because some Korean products have used the word velvet for the name of the product. In addition, there are also melting masks with velvet texture the sensation of different and luxurious facial treatments.

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Used Acid

if last years popular ingredient was aloe vera and snail slime, now ingredients that contains acidity is the next trend for skin care. for example the popular ones lately are AHA and BHA

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Shorter Skincare Step

You might think Koreans use 10 or more layers of products for theirs skin from theirs cleanser to eye cream, but it is predicted that Korean beauty trend will lead to shorter step with fewer products in the future. Although few in number, these products must contains ingredients that are good for bright skin, look young and have anti aging properties.

Are you ready to glow in 2019 ?


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