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Plastic Surgery for Asymmetrical Faces in South Korea

korea medical tourism

korea medical tourism

Plastic surgery isn’t only done to improve your looks but also to fix abnormal conditions such as asymmetrical eye, asymmetrical face, bent jaw, among others.

It isn’t all about looks, plastic surgery can also directly improve the psychological health of the patient who had problem with self esteem because of his her physical conditions. if you happen to be someone with such problem because of asymmetrical face, south Korea’s View Plastic surgery Hospital has an option of bimaxillary osteotomy and facial formation surgery.

Crooked jaws does not only affect the sufferer’s facial aesthetics but also affect one’s chewing ability while eating. For people suffering  from this, View Plastic Surgery Hospital has bimaxillary osteotomy.

bimaxillary osteotomy is a method which uses the absorbed fixation pins when bones are knit back together instead of teh titanium fixation pins when the fractured bones are fixed during the bimaxillary (two-jaw) surgical procedure, leaving no traces of the pins in x-ray image or CT scans.

Korea medical tourism

if your asymmetry occurs due to differences in the size and shape of your left and right mandibles, while there are no problem with the condition of the jawbones, then jaw surgery is performed by cutting the jaw line to form a balance face. But is your facials asymmetry is caused by soft tissue on your face such as skins, muscle or fat, asimple correction can be made through fat grafting or liposuction.

Korea medical tourism

View plastic surgery is a hospital located in south Korea that has guaranteed expertise and safety in carrying out plastic surgery with record of never having plastic surgery related accident for 15 years.

interest in having plastic surgery but don’t know where to start ? Medictel is an agent specializing in plastic surgery and medical care in South Korea. We give recommendation for the best plastic surgery doctor, help you through the process making visa provide transport, translator, and being a medium with the chosen hospital should you encounter  any problem after getting your plastic surgery.


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