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These are the 3 Benefits of Korean Facial Care

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The Korea Beauty industry currently favored by various women in the world. For those who feel less suitable to use western style skin care product it seems that Korean treatment is the right solution.

In Addition Korean beauty products also have a varied price range. Some brains set a price that is quiet affordable an certainly still with good quality. Korean skin care is popular with 10 step of facial care, but do you know if the 10 products give you 3 basic benefit that you can feel it if you do it regularly.

There 3 benefit are :

clean up

1. Clean up    :  In Korean facial care cleaning skin is in 4 stages namely using makeup cleanser ( makeup remover ), facial soap ( facial foam ), scrubs ( exfoliate) and freshener (toner) to remove any remaining oil and dirt that be still attached.


2. Moisturize : Moisturizing the face is divided into 5 stages using , essence, serum, mask, moisturizer and cream for under the eyes. Everything is intended to hydrate your facial screen.


3. Covering : Using the sunscreen is the last steps in Korean Skin Care . The goal is to protect the skin from UV rays that can damage the skin.

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