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Plastic Surgery for Sagging Breasts in South Korea

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Who hasn’t dreamed of having beautiful looking chests at least once in their life? Makes a lot of sense considering that breasts are one of the most defining parts of women’s body. Most women want to have big, blessed looking boobs, but even when you have them, it wouldn’t feel complete if they sag since that would hinder your sexiness a tad bit.

Korea medical tourism
It’s not an easy problem to fix too. You need to regularly exercise, not to mention needing to massage your breasts regularly and apply breast mask afterwards.
Korea medical tourism
You need a good amount of discipline as it can take a long time of consistent exercising before you can see noticeable result from all your hard work.
For you who have no time for all that, you can always opt for instant solution through plastic surgery.
The plastic surgery in question is the one that aims to tighten sagging breasts. Not only that, it also improve or fix the shape and position of your nipples if you feel they aren’t attractive enough for whatever reasons.
You can have this surgery along with breast enlargement or reduction surgery.
Korea medical tourism
Breast tightening surgery is done by reducing fat and tissue in the breasts mammary gland which causes a decrease in breast elasticity, which causes the breasts to become loose and hang.
So, who are the right candidates for breast tightening surgery?
You are the right candidate for breast tightening surgery if:
1. You have sagging breasts (can happen due to drastic weight loss).
2. You suffer from sever breast ptosis due to pregnancy and childbirth.
3. You have loose breast tissue and reduced elasticity due to aging.

Korea medical tourism

This surgery takes around 3 to 4 hours. You will be given general anesthesia so you won’t be awake during surgery. You are also required to stay for at least 1 day.

Your stitches will be opened 10-14 days after surgery.

There are various ways the surgery can be done depending on your breast size and how loose it is.

1. Implant for small breasts that aren’t too saggy.

2. Incision method for saggier breasts.

3. This surgery is going to be followed by breast reduction surgery for severe ptosis breasts in order to produce the best result.

Korea medical tourism

Interested? Medictel can help you get your breast surgery in South Korea for no extra cost at all!

We will provide you with all the information you need about the surgery and staying in South Korea that might be problematic to find on your own, including recommended doctors, hospitals, and accomodations, along with providing you with transport to and from South Korean airport.

Korea medical tourism
We will also help you with contacting your hospital should you find problem on your postoperative recovery.
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