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Achieving Slim Beautiful Legs in No Time

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What is sexier than beautiful legs? The answer is: not a lot of things. Legs are one of the things women like to show off to show their inner femme fatale and turn all the heads in the room.

As such, having beautiful slender is quite important. Normally, you don’t want your calves to look too big as it can end up looking unappealing.

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If you have this problem, you can take care of this through plastic surgery.

Surgery on calf does not take long at all and is considered to be one of the safer surgery. Surgical procedure on the calf is commonly referred to as calf muscle elimination, which is done by removing gastrocnemius muscle in the calf.

You still need to maintain the slender shape of your calves even after undergoing the surgery but your calf muscle won’t be able to grow as large as it used to because part of it has been removed.

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Who are the right candidates for calf surgery?

You are the right candidate for this calf surgery if:

1. You want slender looking legs.

2. You are unhappy about how your legs look when you wear shorts or mini skirts.

3. You have done calf muscle elimination surgery before but feel that the result isn’t notable enough.

4. Your calves look huge because of their muscles.


What is the process of having calf muscle elimination?

1. Consult your doctor regarding what you want to achieve through the surgery. Make it as clear as possible.

2. After inspecting your calves, the doctor will make small incision on area near wrinkles behind your knee for 2 cm.

3. For safety reasons, the doctor will take note on how much muscle you have so the surgery can be done accordingly.

Because this surgery is done on wrinkles on your knee, the scar from this surgery will barely be visible unlike other surgeries.

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wear tight stockings for 3 months after surgery for the best result

Are there special treatments I need to do after having calf muscle elimination surgery?

1. You need a total rest for 2-3 days after surgery.

2. Wrap the area of surgery tightly with gauze.

3. You are advised to wear tight stockings for 3 months after surgery for best results.

4. You aren’t allowed to indulge in heavy activities for 6-8 weeks.

5. You aren’t allowed to wear high heels for 3 months after surgery.

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