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Price Ranges of 6 of The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in South Korea

Korea medical tourism

Korea medical tourism

South Korea has the highest plastic surgery rate in the world. In Gangnam alone, there are 500 beauty clinics that provide such treatment.

Aside from the locals, the words of Korea being the plastic surgery capital of the world has reached international tourists around the world. Out of 450,000 tourists who visit Korea to carry out medical procedures, 22% were reported to have come for plastic surgery.

Wanna know how much Korean plastic surgery generally costs?

(Keep in mind that the following prices are only rough estimates. Actual price will vary greatly depending on the patients condition, time of surgery, and a number of other factors)

1. Blepharoplasty

Korea medical tourism

Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery aimed to correct defects, deformities =, and disfigurations of your eyelids, or to modify the shape of your eyes for aesthetic purpose.

This surgery is really popular in Asia because they tend to like eyes with double eyelids. It’s also useful to achieve fresher/younger look by making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Outside of Asia, 15% of plastic surgery procedures done around the world is said to be blepharoplasty.

Cost:  3,000,000 KRW to 5,600,000 KRW

2. Rhinoplasty

Korea medical tourism

Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a surgery done to change or improve the shape and appearance of your nose. Korean people regard nose as one of the more important features of one’s beauty. Generally Koreans prefer nose with high nose bridge to as it gives more prominent look on your nose.

Cost: 4,000,000 KRW to 786,400,000 KRW

3. Chin Augmentations

Korea medical tourism

Asians tend to prefer having slim looking face as opposed to square and firm face unlike people in the West. This look is often referred to as V-line. You can achieve this look by injecting filler to your chin to get a more pointed chin shape and get a V-line effect on your face.

Cost: 6,000,000 KRW to 10,800,000 KRW

4. Jaw Reduction Surgery

Korea medical tourism

This is similar to chin augmentation surgery as this surgery aims to smooth out your jaw shape in order to get the V-line effect.
This surgery is done by scraping your jaw bone in order to create a more proportional and thinner appearance.
Cost: 5,600,000 KRW to 10,800,000 KRW
5. Breast Implant
Korea medical tourism
This surgery is done by implanting silicon in your chests to achieve bigger breasts, which is one of women’s main sexual appeal, physically.
Cost: 5,600,000 KRW to 10,800,000 KRW
6. Hair Transplant
Korea medical tourism
Hair transplants are mostly carried out by men or women with thinning hair or baldness by planting hair to cover the bald part of your head. This is done by taking hair follicles from the back of your head and grafting it to the part that needs it.
Cost: 7,200,000 KRW to 11,990,000 KRW
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