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Unique Plastic Surgery Museum in South Korea

Korea medical tourism

Fans of plastic surgery, have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a whole museum dedicated to plastic surgery? Wonder no more, as you can visit BK Plastic Surgery Museum, a museum presenting variety of new info you can learn about plastic surgery, from various tools used for surgery to how plastic surgery is done on each part of the body, be it the eyes, nose, face, hips, or breasts.

Korea medical tourism
Plastic surgery museum in South Korea

BK Plastic Surgery Museum is located on the second floor of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital building near Sinsa Station.

Korea medical tourismKorea medical tourism

Korea medical tourism
In this museum you can see and feel various plastic surgery objects and tools such as various types of implants.
This museum also provide you with panels attached to the museum wall which will teach you a number of information, be it about the objects in the museum, or about the ‘ideal’ proportion for a nose which you can achieve through plastic surgery.
Oh, you can also see pieces of jaw bones from surgery patients if you are interested.
Korea medical tourism
pieces of jaw bones from plastic surgery patients
If you want to see how your body would look like from a different perspective, you can look at yourself through BK’s ‘fat mirror’ and ‘slim mirror.’ As the names suggest, fat mirror will make you look fatter so you can see how you would look like if you put a bit of weight and slim mirror does the opposite.
Korea medical tourism
fat and slim mirror


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