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Y-Line Breast Surgery for More Ideal and Perfect Breast

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It’s though to think of anything more alluring than a nice cleavage. We’ve seen them being used all over medias to convey a woman’s sexiness and beauty, and for a good reason too.

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to show their sex appeal through it. Your breasts might be on the “blessed” side, size-wise but they might not have the right shape or they might be too far apart from each other. For you who have similar problem, Korean plastic surgery might just be the right solution for you!
korea medical tourism
The aforementioned surgery is for you who have problems with the shape of your breast cleavage, and it is called Y-Line Breast Surgery Action, available at ID Plastic Surgery Hospital. This surgery is useful for making curves using breast implants by adding additional fat in the empty area between the breasts to create a more ideal shape.

The results will look really natural and will not look artificial nor overdone.

So what exactly is considered to be ideal breast shape? It is generally considered that the ideal breasts have less than 3 centimeters gap between each other.

korea medical tourism

Simple breast surgery can’t solve this particular problem because the implants used in such surgery cannot fill the gap between the breasts so the result will appear stiff, unlike breasts done with Y-Line breast surgery

This surgery takes about an hour while you are injected with general anesthesia, and you can remove the sutures after a week. Recovery normally takes 3-4 days.

korea medical tourism

Here are the steps for Y-Line breast surgery procedures

Step 1 – performing various health checks to see your body condition as well as your height, weight, chest shape, amount of breast tissue, skin elasticity and so on.

Step 2 – choosing the right implants for your body (Allergan or Mentor). The implants provided are safe implants approved by food and drug administration in the United States and South Korea.

Step 3 – the process of implant usage in your breasts to improve the shape and curves.

Step 4 -transferring the nano fat. This will make the curves of your body more noticeable and your breast cleavage more attractive.



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