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Plastic Surgery Procedures That Will Be Popular in 2019

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Step up your game and be don’t miss your chance to be a trend setter this year!
Get your plastic surgery before your peers notice how trendy it is by predicting what the wave is gonna look like!

What will be the most popular plastic surgery trends in 2019?

1. Ultrasonic Nose Job

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One of the worst things about rhinoplasty is the uncomfortable recovery, but Rhino-sculpture Ultrasonic Nose Surgery is going to change that in 2019.
This surgery is reportedly gaining popularity because it promises shorter healing time and with the added bonus of having even better results than regular rhinoplasty.
This surgery utilizes a probe device that emits ultrasonic energy which will allow the surgeon to accurately form your nose to minimalize damage to the cartilage or soft tissue.
2. 4K Resolution
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Last year there have been an increase in 3D virtual reality imaging to improve the decision making surrounding your cosmetic procedures. This year, beauty clinics introduce the use of 4D technology with the use of augmented reality.
This technology can perform a full body scan of your body and project it to a mirror screen, showing your reflection post-procedure.
This 4D technology is a major advantage for several surgery procedures like breast enlargement and reconstruction because it allows you to choose implants to fit your anatomy, and it also helps you see how your body is going to end up looking after the procedure.
3. Lip Lifts
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Being that sensual and full lips are so desirable, it’s no wonder lip enhancement procedures are so popular.
In 2019, it will be even more popular with a method offering a more nuanced effect and more natural looking features.
enter the lip lift -a permanent procedure- typically done under local anaesthesia in less than an hour. This operation shortens the space between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lips (aka the philtrum) by carving out a bullhorn-shaped strip of skin just below the nostrils.
It helps to raise the lips edges and creates a more natural, plumper appearance (as well as adding definition to the Cupid’s bow).
4. Face-lift 3D
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Micro surgeries are becoming popular, as more individuals seek minimally invasive procedures with minimal scarring.

‘A growing trend in 2019 will be the volumetric or ‘3D face-lift’. This new surgery plumps the face by pulling tissue inside the face back onto the cheek bones.

‘The surgeon makes incisions by each ear to reach the inner facial tissue, which usually slips down the face due to ageing. It is pulled back upwards and suspended on the cheek bones.

‘It causes less scarring because the process does not involve cutting away as much skin. The technique creates a more attractive look – a fuller, youthful appearance rather than a tight – and possible wind tunnel – effect.’

5. Hybrid boob
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Another plastic surgery that will be popular in 2019 is hybrid breast surgery, a type of surgery that combines implants with the reshaping possibilities offered by fat transfer. This technique will create more natural looking breasts, without having to place implants under the muscles.

By incorporating fat transfer, a hybrid breast augmentation also allows the use of smaller implants, so the risks of issues like capsular contracture or potential sagging over time, are greatly reduced.

This will minimize the risk of problems that may arise such as capsular contractures and greatly reduces the potential sagging of your breasts overtime.

It also reduces the recovery time to less than a week in many cases.


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