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Eye Surgery for Men in Korea

Being attractive isn’t an exclusive right for women. Men should also strive to look their best. One way to achieve this is through plastic surgery.

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There are a number of plastic surgeries men can do, one of which is eye surgery. Having sharp eyes can make you look masculine, although many can’t have this look naturally.

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The eye is the window to the soul, they say. Your eyes are the main thing people look at when they see your face. Most of your expressions are shown through your eyes, whether you fake a laugh, are happy, sad, excited, curious.

A lot of guys have a somewhat gloomy expression and make them look unattractive. This is most likely because they don’t have double eyelids.

If you’re one of such people, Korean plastic surgery clinics like Grand Plastic Surgery can help you get better looks in no time at all.

Grand Plastic Surgery can make thin folds in your eyelids that will help a great deal in improving your looks. This process only takes 1 to 1,5 hours to finish, so you can go out and do activities right after surgery. No stay in is necessary.

However, suture removal is done 3 to 7 days after surgery so you are not advised to do a lot of activities during this time period.

Also, because male eyelids are usually thicker than female’s, Grand Plastic Surgery will do an excessive fat removal along with your surgery to not leave a surgery trace. Grand Plastic Surgery strives to provide a “non-excess” eye surgery results by putting each individual’s character in consideration.

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Grand Plastic Surgery can provide results as desired by the patient. They can form your eyes according to what you want. Do you prefer a soft impression? Manly look? A “fresh” looking face? Grand can them to you.

Who needs eye surgery?

Men who have thick eyelids and eye shapes that looks stifling
Men who want a natural looking double eye fold
Men who want to do eye surgery but don’t want any visible marks from it
Men who want a quick recovery time on their cosmetic surgery

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There are several important things you need to remember after your surgery

– Use an ice pack after surgery to reduce swelling.

– It’s not advised to bow your head shortly after surgery.

– Use as much as 2-3 pieces of stacked soft pillows when sleeping to reduce swelling and pain.

– Avoid excessive crying, excessive friction in the eyes, or closing your eyes too tightly.

– Don’t consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes for 3-4 weeks because it can slow down theĀ  healing process.

– You are prohibited from using contact lenses for at least 3 weeks, use glasses instead during this time.

– Avoid hot springs or sauna 3 weeks after surgery.

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Interested in the procedure but are afraid or don’t know where to start?

Use the aid of Medictel to have all your necessities for free and without breaking a sweat.

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