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What to do Before Getting Your Face Surgery in South Korea

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There are a few procedures patients in South Korea need to follow before undergoing plastic surgery, specifically for face remodeling surgeries.

First, they need to fill in a form with brief information about the patient’s disease history such as heart disease or high blood pressure. They will also be asked if they were currently taking drugs and whether or not the patient has had plastic surgery before. It is important to fill this form honestly as failing to do so can be detrimental to your safety.

Patients must stop aspirin or omega-3 drug intake because it can thin the blood which can be dangerous in case of excessive bleeding during operation.

After consulting with beauty consultant, patient will then proceed to consult with the surgeon to express their wishes while the doctor recommends which surgery to do after inspecting the patient’s face condition.

After which, patient will negotiate on surgery cost before finally the plastic surgery procedure is finally scheduled. For Koreans, the plastic surgery will be scheduled minimum 1-2 weeks, but international patients will have it scheduled as fast as a day or two after consultation as they have limited time in Korea.

Lastly, patients are required to fast for at least 6 hours before they finally have their plastic surgery to get the face they have been longing for.

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