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Charm Your Way with Korean Dimple Surgery

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Dimples are undoubtedly the cutest deformity ever. These little holes on your cheeks just make you look super cute for no reason. It doesn’t matter how ugly you look in a photo, your dimples will always somehow make your face look a little less of a mess.

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Why do some people have dimples and others don’t? It’s generally agreed that dimples are genetic – but there’s an argument about the details. For a long time, dimples were considered “dominant” genetic trait: if both your parents had them, you’d always develop some cuteness of your own.

Now, however, some scientists are arguing that they’re actually irregular dominant traits – so having two parents with dimples doesn’t guarantee you with such blessing 100 percent of the time. One specialist, Professor John McDonald, thinks there isn’t enough research to classify dimples as a dominant trait at all. What’s agreed upon, though is that dimples are actually a defect on your face.

korea medical tourism

As mentioned though, not everyone is blessed with this kind of cuteness on their faces. If you’re one of such people, do not fret as Korean plastic surgery offers a nice solution for that problem within 15 minutes. So, no hospital stays required. The result is so natural that nobody would be able to tell the difference!

The surgery in question is called dimple creation surgery. Dimples will be created from inner side of your mouth so it won’t leave visible scars, and furthermore the shape and size of the dimples will be designed based on your face’s overall look, so there’s zero reason to worry about them not fitting or ending up looking weird.

There are several kinds of dimple surgeries. In Grand Plastic Surgery for instance, the option consists of:

  1. Long dimples give off cute, soft, and also mature and sexy image.
  2. Indian dimples give off an innocent and naughty image.
  3. Mouth corner dimples give off cute, prim, and precocious image.
  4. Central cheek dimples give off young, cute, and also soft impression.

korea medical tourism

You are the right candidate for dimple creation surgery if the following applies to you:

  1. You wish to change the impression you give.
  2. You have desires to have an attractive point for the dull smiling face.
  3. You have desire to have clearer and deeper dimples.
  4. You wish to have a revision surgery because of unsatisfactory previous result.
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