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Popular Plastic Surgery Trend Among Celebrities

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Harold Lancer, a dermatologist concluded that plastic surgery trend is largely affected by not only parts of body the patients want to change, but also the ever changing commonly accepted beauty standards. He also said plastic surgery has become really desired in among Hollywood celebrities.

Dr. Lancer is beauty consultant frequented by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Margot Robbie.

Current most popular procedures, according to him, are botox and liposuction, more precisely mini babytox and liposculpting mini. Tummy liposculpting to create a sixpack or Kardashian’s ass augmentation surgery for example, is no longer hot on demand among celebrities while liposculting on smaller areas like chin, nose, or ears has become increasingly popular.

Similarly, filler implants for nosetips and ears have also become in increasingly popular method to combat aging symptoms. This sentiment is supported by Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore who claimed that our ears keep growing as we grow older which can make us look old. In some cases, ears can also shrink as you grow older, but that problem can be solved by transplanting fat into the lobes to make them look fresher and younger.

Another increasingly popular trend these past months is microneedle procedure in order to remove wrinkles and neck lines. Microneedling is a procedure involving small and sterile needle injection several times into the skin. This is done in order to stimulate collagen and elastin production. In addition to tightening the skin and removing neck lines, microneedling radiofrequency can also lift breast nipples about two to three millimeters.

Plastic Surgery

According to Dr. Lancer, youth who likes to wear open neckline dresses are also ones who often do microneedling procedures. In addition, the procedure is not only popular among women, but also men. “Five years ago, men are among one out of 20 people who underwent plastic surgery procedure, now they are among one out of eight, or even more.”

With most people wanting a ‘natural look’, the more popular plastic surgery procedures are ones that offer natural looking results. Therefore, many people look for non surgical alternatives such as coolsculpting, ultratherapy, and butt tightening procedures without Brazilian-style surgery. “There is no knife to lift the neckline or stick nose and the like,” Dr. Rockmore explained, According to him, such demand will continue to grow when people are accustomed to natural results.



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