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2 of The Top Plastic Surgery Destination Countries

top plastic surgery countries

top plastic surgery countries

Plastic surgery has become a trend in recent era, as people have become more concerned with their physical looks – especially those in entertainment industry. There are over 30.000 plastic surgeon all over the world and 17 million plastic surgeries performed each year.


South Korea

One of the countries with most plastic surgery procedures done is South Korea. Why is this?

Seoul is the center of innovation for plastic surgery care in South Korea. At least 20 percent of Korean women aged 19-49 has undergone at least 1 plastic surgery procedure. They have about 10.000 plastic surgery patients yearly and half of those are foreign patients. Among the more popular procedures in South Korea area eyelid surgery, body and face surgery, jaw surgery, anti-aging surgery, and breast surgery.

South Korea is known with its natural looking plastic surgery results, and so, people all over the world still visit South Korea for their plastic surgery treatments despite its higher price. This is the number one destination for you who wish for great results for your plastic surgery.

top plastic surgery countries


Another country closely familiar with plastic surgery is Thailand. Aside from being on the cheaper side, plastic surgeons in Thailand are certified by the American and Australian board of plastic surgery which guarantees their qualities as plastic surgeons. Almost 1 million foreign patients have traveled to Thailand in order to undergo plastic surgery. Most of them came from Australia and Indonesia.

top plastic surgery countries



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