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At what age am I allowed to have plastic surgery?

age for plastic surgery

From surgeries to make the eyes bigger such as double eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty to remove eye bags, rhinoplasty to beautify the nose, facelift to tighten the face and make it look younger, to v-line surgery to have sharper jaw and slimmer face. These are a number of plastic surgery procedures people are willing to take in order to have better looking face. As for their body parts, there are also abdomen surgical fat removal (liposuction), as well as tummy tuck surgery, and breast augmentation surgery for women that is done by adding implants into the breasts.

In South Korea, many have undergone plastic surgery or enhancement surgery from their teenage years. In fact, plastic surgery is a common graduation gift for South Korean students from their families.

There is minimum age for plastic surgery, but children under 18 will need parental consent. However, most doctors would not recommend plastic surgery too early as it can interfere with body development.

Another concern would be their mental state as adolescents are generally impressionable and would be too easily influenced by what they see in media, which can create an unrealistic body expectations for them.

Plastic surgery is more popular now than ever, especially in the era where we constantly have celebrities to follow who might have undertook plastic surgery themselves. Its also helped by how popular K-pop has become which might influence a lot of people to want to look like their idols or at least see a feature they like in their idol’s appearance and want it for themselves.

If you’re interested in undergoing plastic surgery, you have to keep in mind that plastic surgery procedures aren’t generally cheap. They are categorized as moderate to expensive. This, however is reasonable if you think about it, because each surgery cost depends on how difficult and more importantly how risky it is to perform.

We strongly discourage you from trying to have plastic surgery done by unqualified doctor at too cheap a price because many have disfigured themselves, either by using unreliable services or trying to take matters into their own hands (by injecting their body with implants or any other liquid).

age for plastic surgery

People generally associate plastic surgery with women more than men, but reality is, there are no shortage of men being interested in plastic surgery in order to look the way they want to. Eye surgery, nose surgery, lip surgery, or even creating six-pack through surgery. After all, given the choice everybody would want to look perfect.

Furthermore, men has contributed significant deal in making plastic surgery as advanced as we know today.

Generally, plastic surgery is seen as a method to make yourself more attractive. While this isn’t wrong, it’s still not quite right. Plastic surgery has also been used for reconstruction purposes for patients who experience unexpected events such as accidents or burn. plastic surgery has also been used to correct congenital defects such as crooked jaw or cleft lip and cleft palate. Not to mention people who have undergone plastic surgery in order to change their sex or their reproductive organs.

One issue with plastic surgery is its supposedly addictive nature. It’s not unheard of to see plastic surgery patient getting addicted to plastic surgery and would always find fault in how they look no matter how many surgeries they have. This would become even bigger problem when their surgeons reject them because they no longer deem it safe for them to keep changing their appearance and they proceed to attempt it themselves (as mentioned above)

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