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Most Sought After Celebrity Faces for Plastic Surgery

celebrity plastic surgery

There are two types of plastic surgery patients; those who simply wish to look more attractive, and those who are fond of how a certain celebrity looks and want to immitate their looks.

One explicit example of the latter group is a TV personality from UK, Oli London, who has serious obsession with Ji Min, a K-Pop idol from a group called BTS. This has resulted in him spending over £125k in plastic surgery (among other things) to look like the idol.

Speaking of people who are obsessed with their idols , a plastic surgeon in South Korea revealed some of the most popular celebrities among his plastic surgery clients during his time on MBC show every1 “Video Star”.

The surgeon, whose name is Kim Jong-myung, said most of his clients wanted to look like Irene from Red Velvet, while Yoona from Girls Generation and Jennie from Blackpink were the second and third most popular choices.

Irene from Red Velvet K-Pop band

Irene is a member of widely popular K-pop band called Red Velvet. It is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment. She is an actress and television host as well. Her looks are no joke.

Irene has a goddess face among K-pop idols now. It is reported that before she even debuted as a member of Red Velvet and became the leader, a lot of people were already gossiping about her flawless face, and praising her a lot.

Yoona from SNSD (Girl’s Generation) K-Pop band

Im Yoo-nah, better known by the mononym Yoona, is a beautiful and highly talented woman from South Korea. She is widely considered to be the most beautiful girl in her girlband – Girls Generation, also known as SNSD. She also regularly stars in commercials or fashion magazines.

Many people, especially those who aren’t fans of K-Pop, think most Korean celebrities look the same. Yoona, however is considered to have one of the easiest faces to recognize among South Korean celebrities.

Thanks to her beauty, Yoona has been asked to be an ambassador of a certain famous South Korean beauty product. Yoona was chosen
as their advertising star for 7 years in a row.

She has modeled the most magazine covers in a single year for any Korean actress in 2017. She is also considered as an icon or the ‘face’ of K-Pop.

Jennie from Blackpink K-Pop band

“Irene has clear facial features and Yoona has an all-time beauty, Jennie on the other hand, has a unique aura about her,” Kim said.

As Blackpink’s main vocalist, Jennie has extraordinary voice that takes you to a dream world. With flawless voice and being a great rapper to boot, whilst also being the trendiest Blackpink member, it’s to no one’s suprise that people admire Jennie.

She is ranked 5th most beautiful woman in the world by Starmometer after they held a worldwide vote for the “Most Beautiful Woman In The World” for 2019.

Kim then went on to note the previous most sought after faces for plastic surgery. They are actresses Song Hye-kyo, Kim Tae-hee, Han Ye-seul, and Shin Min-a.

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