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Plastic surgery costs, from the most expensive procedure to the cheapest surgery

Plastic surgery costs, from the most expensive procedure to the cheapest surgery

One of the most important things in planning is your financial expenditure, and for that, it’s important to know how much you would need to spend of your needs and expenses, including plastic surgery.

Need a rough idea on how much you need on your desired plastic surgery? Medictel will range some plastic surgery prices in South Korea from the most expensive procedures to the cheapest.

Keep in mind the price listed are just rough guides and the actual expense you need will vary depending on various factors such as your chosen hospital or your medical condition.

The most expensive procedure is full body liposuction which can reach up to 20 million won.

Slimmer Body Liposuction

Followed by tummy tuck procedure as the 2nd most expensive plastic surgery procedure which can cost you around 17.5 to 19 million won.

Tummy Tuck

Face contouring (zigoma reduction, square chin reduction, T oesteotomi) costs around 18 million won.

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Double jaw surgery will cost you around 15 million won.

Facelift will cost you 15 to 18 million won. While a bit costy, facelift offers a more permanent result. Although your face will still inevitably sag with age, the process will take significantly longer. Facelift generally can last 15 to 20 years.


Breast augmentation costs around 13 to 15 million won with the use of ‘Motiva’ implant, which is currently the best quality implant we have up to date.

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Rhinoplasty costs around 6 to 7 million won. This can get more expensive the more requests you have about your surgery.

plastic surgery

And lastly, blepharoplasty costs around 3 million won.

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