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7 Steps to get your plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on surgically altering the human body, mainly for self-beautification purposes.

However, plastic surgery is not a risk free procedure. Even if relatively small, the possibility of failure still exists. This is why many prefer to have their plastic surgery done by a more trusted hospital and surgeon.

For this reason, it is really popular to choose to spend more money by having their surgery done abroad, especially if their country does not have a particularly stunning medical reputation.

One of the most, if not THE most popular country for plastic surgery is South Korea. It is considered by many to be the top quality for anything involving plastic surgery. Plastic surgery accounts for approximately a fifth of medical tourists to South Korea, and according to the New York Times, the South Korean government expects upwards of a million annual medical tourists by 2020.

Don’t want to be left behind in bettering yourself? You first need to know how to start planning on your plastic surgery trip.

Step 1: Finding medical tourism agent for trips to Korea

If you’re planning on having your plastic surgery abroad, we highly recommend you to seek help from medical tourism agency services. They can help you tremendously, whether you’re new to traveling or a veteran.

Not only will they help you to find the most appropriate hospital and surgeons, they also help you to better connect with said hospital online.

This is where you can consult with your chosen hospital about the plastic surgery you’re planning on taking or the change you want.

Furthermore, they also will help you find and book your accommodations, and provide you with transport in both countries. More importantly, they help you communicate with your doctor once you’re in Korea, provide you with language translator, and will help you claim your case in account of any surgical accident. They provide 24/7 service in Korea just in case you need something urgent in middle of the night. As an added bonus, you can also get free VISA from some agents like Medictel.

Medical tourism agents like Medictel doesn’t cost you anything extra. In fact, you can get special promotions in your chosen hospital depending on the time of the year and get special discount. We can’t think of any downsides in using their services.

Step 2: Medical check-up

Getting a medical agent to help you is good and all, but more importantly you need medical check-up.

Step 3: Get your travel documents

Your medical tourism agent or travel agent will tell you the list of items they need in order to get you your VISA and permit. Make sure you have everything as Korean border is a bit on the stricter side.

Step 4: Pre-op consultation

This is your final, and more detailed consultation with your doctor after the consultation you did through internet.

You can further explain about your wants to your doctor. Make sure to be on same page as your doctor as most of unhappy patients are results of bad communication.

Once you’ve reached an agreement, your doctor will tell you what to prepare for your surgery and when it’s going to be performed.

Also, the hospital will normally take a picture of you so they can compare it to the new look you’re gonna get later.

Step 5: Surgery

Finally, you will have your surgery performed on the date you both agreed on. You will most likely be required to fast before the surgery, with varying length according to the surgery you need.

You will then be sedated and will wake up with your fresh new look.

Step 6: Recovery

After undergoing your surgery, you will enter recovery period where you wait for your surgery scars to heal.

Depending which surgery you take, you might be required a hospital stay for a period of time, while normal activities are immediately possible for some other surgery procedures.

You might feel discomfort, or required/not allowed to do certain things during this period. For example, you might have difficulty eating if you have just undergone jaw surgery, or be required to wear a special corset if you did breast surgery, and most surgeries will prohibit you from doing heavy activities.

Step 7: Final check-up

Once you’ve fully recovered or at least almost fully healed, you will need to do one final check-up with your surgeon to check your health and condition to make sure there is/would be no problems in the future.

The hospital will take your photo to be compared with your previously taken photo.

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