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About Medictel

Medictel is a dynamic company incorporated in Korea that offers a variety of services in the sphere of medical tourism. Medictel always suggest the clients to use the advantages of Korean knowledge and technologies and get the treatment in the best hospitals of South Korea.

Our aim is to make the stay of our clients in Korea as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We take care of our clients not only during their stay in Korea, but also before they come here and after they got their treatment and leave the country.

medictel korea

Medictel is a medical tourism organization for Seoungnam, South Korea. We offer various medical tourism services including recommendations and various information on the best hospitals Korea has to offer.

Medictel has the highest number of collaborations with accredited and recognized Korean hospitals and medical centers and are therefore able to provide all the latest treatment facilities and equipment for you.

Medictel is one of Korea’s best medical tourism agents, The purpose of Medictel itself is to help our clients finding the most suitable doctors and hospitals. Medictel works to help people around the world in their medical travel to South Korea.

Why South Korea?
South Korea, especially Seoul has been growing in popularity with patients around the world seeking for medical care. South Korea has both the ability and advanced technology in plastic surgery, as well as having the best hospitals, the best plastic surgeons, and the best beauticians. In addition, Korean hospitals are well known to treat cancer and malignant tumors.
Around 400,000 patients from around the world visit Korea to seek medical care both for their health and beauty every year.