Breast Fat Grafting

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Breast fat grafting is an act of transferring fat tissue from parts of the body with excess fat (such as thighs, stomach, arms, etc) to part of the body that needs it, in this case, breasts. This is normally done if your breasts have begun to sag.

Who are the right candidates for breast fat grafting?

 People who are interested in breast surgery but don’t want to insert implants into their bodies.

 People who have asymmetrical or sagging breasts.

 People who have excess fat in their body that they want to move to their breast in order to add  volume.


Surgery duration: 2 hours

Type of Anesthesia: General  anesthesia

Preoperative preparation:

 Initial consultation with the doctor to discuss your goals and expectations for the plastic surgery.

 Surgeon will asses and evaluate your skin condition to check whether or not you can have the treatment with minimal risk.

Surgeon will give you instructions, explain the procedures, and the risk of undergoing fat grafting surgery.

Health check will be conducted.


Surgery Process:

Planning the incision.

 Inserting a needle or cannula to the point where the incision was made.

Injection will fill the entire breast area where the desired fat transfer is. This process is repeated until the desired shape and size has been reached.


Risks that may occur post-operation:

  Risk of causing cysts

  Negative reaction to anesthesia

 Hematoma (accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin)


 A change in sense of touch

 Surgical wound


 Temporary swelling appearance

Postoperative care:

 Wear supportive bra to protect your breasts

 Routine check-up to monitor postoperative progress