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Plastic Surgery for Sagging Breasts in South Korea

Korea medical tourism

Who hasn’t dreamed of having beautiful looking chests at least once in their life? Makes a lot of sense considering that breasts are one of the most defining parts of women’s body. Most women want to have big, blessed looking boobs, but even when you have them, it wouldn’t feel complete if they sag since that would hinder your sexiness a tad bit.

Korea medical tourism
It’s not an easy problem to fix too. You need to regularly exercise, not to mention needing to massage your breasts regularly and apply breast mask afterwards.
Korea medical tourism
You need a good amount of discipline as it can take a long time of consistent exercising before you can see noticeable result from all your hard work.
For you who have no time for all that, you can always opt for instant solution through plastic surgery.
The plastic surgery in question is the one that aims to tighten sagging breasts. Not only that, it also improve or fix the shape and position of your nipples if you feel they aren’t attractive enough for whatever reasons.
You can have this surgery along with breast enlargement or reduction surgery.
Korea medical tourism
Breast tightening surgery is done by reducing fat and tissue in the breasts mammary gland which causes a decrease in breast elasticity, which causes the breasts to become loose and hang.
So, who are the right candidates for breast tightening surgery?
You are the right candidate for breast tightening surgery if:
1. You have sagging breasts (can happen due to drastic weight loss).
2. You suffer from sever breast ptosis due to pregnancy and childbirth.
3. You have loose breast tissue and reduced elasticity due to aging.

Korea medical tourism

This surgery takes around 3 to 4 hours. You will be given general anesthesia so you won’t be awake during surgery. You are also required to stay for at least 1 day.

Your stitches will be opened 10-14 days after surgery.

There are various ways the surgery can be done depending on your breast size and how loose it is.

1. Implant for small breasts that aren’t too saggy.

2. Incision method for saggier breasts.

3. This surgery is going to be followed by breast reduction surgery for severe ptosis breasts in order to produce the best result.

Korea medical tourism

Interested? Medictel can help you get your breast surgery in South Korea for no extra cost at all!

We will provide you with all the information you need about the surgery and staying in South Korea that might be problematic to find on your own, including recommended doctors, hospitals, and accomodations, along with providing you with transport to and from South Korean airport.

Korea medical tourism
We will also help you with contacting your hospital should you find problem on your postoperative recovery.
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Vectra 3D Camera, A Futuristic Technology to Analyze Your Body Before Surgery!

Korea medical tourism

Korea medical tourism

Technology’s growth in recent years has been irruputable. there so many higt tech gadgets granting better results  in various fields of life, and this of course, include the world of beauty an health. We have come along away  from the time, where medical experts need considerable among of time to carry out their service. Today, service like analyzing patient’s body condition can be done in matter of the day.

3D vectra image

checking a patient’s body condition is obviously one of the the most important step in any medical procedure. In plastic surgery for example, surgeon need to know whether or not it is safe to perform normal procedure or if it’s even safe to perform the surgery at all.

With the importance of the body check up explained, introduction Vectra #D Imaging System, a new technology in South Korea to analyze patient’s body in 3D image. This tool is able to analyze even the smallest areas of the body trough ultra high resolution scanning. Vectra #D consist of two basic element : a set of high resolution cameras and image processor. The final effect comes not for size and volume analyses. It’s especially important in the analysis of the human face as well as the body profile, chest the breast.

In addition, due to highly advantage technology, this tool can simulate and preview feasible out comes of plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures while making what ever take place on the computer screen reversible so patients can define precisely the out comes they want to archives.

When proper module is set and patient wear specially designed glasses, they may see their face as well as the whole body asa a 3d image. It gives them a unique opportunity to look at them selves just as other people perceive them in three dimension every day.

3D Vectra has an exclusive lighting system that automatically adjust for optional face, breast and body image. 3.5 milli second capture time make the Vectra system immune the subject movement as this tool will control the movement and rapid positioning o patients when conducting checks.

an extremely important element necessary to plan the medical treatment is the specification of the patient’s expectations. The methods applied so far in tern of doctor patient communication have not been accurate enough. Vectra 3D imagining system allows for previewing the surgery outcomes. by the same token it provides patients with a unique opportunity to verify their  own expectation and the final effect which the supposed surgery may bring. Therefore, instead of making the decision somehow blindly, they may see their own face or breast after the surgery without a scratch. in this case however what we mean is totally reversible virtual surgery.

the real life operation may hide many surprises and it’s outcome may slightly differ from the computer preview.

Vectra 3D imaging system plays a huge role in the selection of suitable breast implants. due to the precise analysis of breast shape and size, the surgery may be much better planned. The vast majority of women surfer of different degrees of chest breast asymmetry. Sometimes, it is only 3D examination that lets them realize the existence of such defects.  The size and the volume analyses of such parameters improve significantly the quality of surgeon work who may choose the proper breast implant significantly the quality surgeon’s work.



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Understanding Implants, Objects Used for Plastic Surgery

breast surgery with implant

breast surgery with implant

What is there in your mind if you hear the word implant? Certainly some of you answer, that implants are objects related to plastic surgery. According to the Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) implants are materials or material that are artificially affixed to a creature. It can also be interpreted that implants are objects that can be ‘inserted’ into the human body.

In this case it is of course related to plastic surgery. For plastic surgery, the use of implants is divided into two, namely silicone and collagen implants. Both uses for plastic surgery are very limited. Liquid silicone has long been abandoned by its users since the 1970 because it caused many problems and adverse side effects.

Silicon implants are still widely used, especially in the form of solid silicon and gel form, because of their safety factors. While the use of collagen is largely avoided because of hypersensitivity and less comparable results.

Did you know that there are several terms related to silicon, including silicon, silica and silicone. Silicon is a forming element of the earth’s crust which is certainly found in the wild. Whereas Silica is a 3-dimensional form of silicon-dioxyd in the form of grains of sand, heat resistant and hydroscopic.

As with silicone, silicone are not found in nature, but are produced because human works (manufacturing in factories), are a polymer of dimethyl siloxanes that have stable bonds, so they are resistant to high temperatures. These silicone are hereinafter referred to as silicon for the understanding of implants used in the field of plastic surgery. Silicone forms vary, some are liquid, gel and solid. But on solid silicon is divided into three types, namely solid silicon is divided into three types, namely hard, medium and soft silicon. Its use is not only medical and beauty, but silicon is also often used in industrial fields such as coatings in machinery and lubricants, household appliances to the manufacture of baby pacifiers.

Based on its purity, there are two types of liquid silicon which are often used for medical grades, including those that can be injected into the body (injectable) or which cannot be injected into the body (non-injectable). Non-injectable silicones are used for syringe coatings, infusion bottle coatings, draining hoses, catheters and so on. Whereas injectable silicon is popularly used as an implant or aesthetic purpose. Furthermore, there is a silicone gel which is a mixture of solid silicon and liquid form, used as a filler for breast implants. Silicon gel is used by wrapping using a sheet of silicon (silicon sheet) in the form of a bag (silicones bag). While solid silicone consists of silicone sheets for breast implant wrapping, block shapes or finished implant forms (factory-made) for certain medical uses, such as heart valve prosthesis, artificial testes, nose implants, cheeks and so on. Its consistency also varies, some are dense, soft as rubber and there is also a combination of both (medium). In addition to silicon, there are other objects that can be used to do plastic surgery. Another object is collagen. Collagen is a form of protein product which is a connective tissue fiber between cells that gives tension / elasticity to tissues or organs. The reduced composition of collagen under certain conditions (eg in the aging process, scarring due to wounds) causes changes in tissue contours (wrinkles, hollows, etc.). In such conditions the use of collagen implants is considered.

Collagen implants used are from cow skin tissue (bovine collagen, zyderm); which is injected into the dermis layer (skin). The injected implant will then stimulate the formation of new collagen fibers by the surrounding tissue which will “restore” skin elasticity.

The use of collagen implants will provide good results on fine wrinkles on the face due to the aging process. Deeper wrinkles are sought with preparations with a stronger concentration. This implant will run out and require repetition within three months. Based on the nature and how it works, the use of collagen implants is a means of skin rejuvenation (overcoming skin wrinkles due to the aging process), not for augmentation purposes (plastic surgery with the aim of changing the shape of organs such as enhancing certain organs such as sharpening the nose etc.) Having silicone and collagen implants certainly has certain side effects. One of the effects of silicone implants is the emergence of siliconoma or tissue damage due to the accumulation of particles of liquid silicon in the tissue where it is injected. And these conditions cause a chronic inflammatory reaction.

While the impact that will be received by patients post collagen implants is a hypersensitivity reaction, either fast or slow type from the mildest to the most severe level. Therefore, before using collagen, a skin test that consists of several stages should be carried out. The first test was given several ml injections and monitored for 48 hours. The second skin test is done two weeks later, in the same way. Further observation was carried out two weeks after the second skin test. But you don’t need to worry, this risk can be overcome by doing a personal consultation first. This needs to be done before you decide to undergo an surgical procedure relating to silicon and collagen as implant material. So that you can minimize the risks that will occur later.

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Mammaplasti Augmentation or breast enlargement surgery

korea medical tourism

korea medical tourism

Having a beautiful breast shape seems to be the dream of every woman. But unfortunately not every woman has that specialty. Some women feel less satisfied and confident in the shape of their breasts. They want their breasts to get better. one of them is by doing plastic surgery. although it still sounds a bit odd in some societies, breast plastic surgery does not seem new.

Especially for those who like to look beautiful, sexy and charming but have the desire to be able to realize something right with breast surgery. Breast enlargement surgery or also called the term mammaplasty Augmentation is an act of breast enlargement surgery. Where to place implants to increase the volume and shape of the breast.

There are several actions that must be taken before breast enlargement plastic surgery, including the doctor will check the condition and shape of the patient’s breast and then take photos for medical records. The results of this documentation for medical purposes will be used by medical personnel to consider the patient regarding several factors that include the size and shape of the breast that will be desired for the quality of the nipple and areola.

breast surgery

After that the doctor will analyze the type of action that is appropriate for the patient and ask for information to the patient regarding the history of breast cancer that has been experienced by himself or the patient’s family. In this consultation, patients are expected to convey information about future plans relating to the process of breast transformation, such as pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

When someone decides to do surgery on their body parts, of course they have considered the risks that will be faced. Did you know what risks can occur in patients who have breast surgery? What might happen after breast augmentation surgery? Some that may occur after surgery are the emergence of reactions from anesthesia, the accumulation of blood that may need to be removed with surgery.

In addition, infections also do not rule out the possibility of being able to occur. Even if the infection does not disappear with treatment and a simple virgin. May require temporary removal of the implant. In addition, although temporary patients will experience changes in sensation in the nipple or breast that may be caused by breast enlargement surgery. Then there is also what is called the contracture capsule, which is the movement of connective tissue that surrounds the silicon canton.

This can be minimized by doing regular massage on the breast during bathing. And the doctor will provide more complete information about this massage. Seeing the statement above is certainly legitimate to do breast enlargement plastic surgery, as long as it is done by medical personnel and experienced doctors. besides that the doctor also monitors the results while you are undergoing post breast surgery.