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Vectra 3D Camera, A Futuristic Technology to Analyze Your Body Before Surgery!

Korea medical tourism

Korea medical tourism

Technology’s growth in recent years has been irruputable. there so many higt tech gadgets granting better results  in various fields of life, and this of course, include the world of beauty an health. We have come along away  from the time, where medical experts need considerable among of time to carry out their service. Today, service like analyzing patient’s body condition can be done in matter of the day.

3D vectra image

checking a patient’s body condition is obviously one of the the most important step in any medical procedure. In plastic surgery for example, surgeon need to know whether or not it is safe to perform normal procedure or if it’s even safe to perform the surgery at all.

With the importance of the body check up explained, introduction Vectra #D Imaging System, a new technology in South Korea to analyze patient’s body in 3D image. This tool is able to analyze even the smallest areas of the body trough ultra high resolution scanning. Vectra #D consist of two basic element : a set of high resolution cameras and image processor. The final effect comes not for size and volume analyses. It’s especially important in the analysis of the human face as well as the body profile, chest the breast.

In addition, due to highly advantage technology, this tool can simulate and preview feasible out comes of plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures while making what ever take place on the computer screen reversible so patients can define precisely the out comes they want to archives.

When proper module is set and patient wear specially designed glasses, they may see their face as well as the whole body asa a 3d image. It gives them a unique opportunity to look at them selves just as other people perceive them in three dimension every day.

3D Vectra has an exclusive lighting system that automatically adjust for optional face, breast and body image. 3.5 milli second capture time make the Vectra system immune the subject movement as this tool will control the movement and rapid positioning o patients when conducting checks.

an extremely important element necessary to plan the medical treatment is the specification of the patient’s expectations. The methods applied so far in tern of doctor patient communication have not been accurate enough. Vectra 3D imagining system allows for previewing the surgery outcomes. by the same token it provides patients with a unique opportunity to verify their  own expectation and the final effect which the supposed surgery may bring. Therefore, instead of making the decision somehow blindly, they may see their own face or breast after the surgery without a scratch. in this case however what we mean is totally reversible virtual surgery.

the real life operation may hide many surprises and it’s outcome may slightly differ from the computer preview.

Vectra 3D imaging system plays a huge role in the selection of suitable breast implants. due to the precise analysis of breast shape and size, the surgery may be much better planned. The vast majority of women surfer of different degrees of chest breast asymmetry. Sometimes, it is only 3D examination that lets them realize the existence of such defects.  The size and the volume analyses of such parameters improve significantly the quality of surgeon work who may choose the proper breast implant significantly the quality surgeon’s work.



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Cancer Treatment in Korea

medictel korea medical tourism agency
medictel korea medical tourism agency
Cancer is one of those dreaded diseases that can be deadly if not treated immediately. Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal growth of body tissue cells that turn into cancer cells, which can spread to other parts of the body and cause death in its development. Furthermore, there currently are more than 200 different known types of cancer with various symptoms.
However, South Korea has a new technique in detecting cancer through blood samples. A study team led by Cho Young-koo of  South korean National Cancer Center has detected and isolated circulating tumor cells (CTC) in blood samples from patients with early-stage breast cancer. This finding was published in Biomaterials journal which can be useful for future cancer treatments for patients.
CTC test has been recognized as a dependable test to diagnose cancer. However, CTC monitoring is currently only available for advanced cancer patients and not for patients with early stage cancer, so the researchers have developed a method of using magnetic nano-wires to help efficiently isolate and detect CTC in blood of patients with early stage cancer.
korea medical tourism
In addition, Korea has also developed advanced technology used for cancer treatment. A team of Korean researchers has discovered a form of nanostructure with potential to be used for cancer treatment. The research team together with Yonsei University College of Medicine and Ewha Women Universiti collected phthalocyanine (PcS) photosensitizers with anticancer drugs mitoxantrone (MA) to form uniform nanostructures (PcS-MA). When nanostructures were injected into laboratory mice with breast cancer, more than 80% of cancer cells were destroyed.
korea medical tourism
The Pcs_MA nanostructure can be used as an “interesting strategy to overcome the limitations of photodynamic cancer therapy.” Photodynamic cancer therapy, also known as “radiation therapy,” is commonly used to remove the remaining cancer cells after surgery, but cancer cells with lack of oxygen can survive through this treatment. One of the research team’s leaders, professor Nam Ki-taek, said that nanostructures would require further experiments to reaffirm their own anticancer effects and test whether the drugs reaffirm their anticancer effects and test if they could be applied to large types of cancers.
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Photodynamic Therapic, Latest Treatment for Cancer

korea medical tourism

treatment for cancer

It is undeniable that currently technological advances have touched all aspects of human life. Included in the world of health. Many discoveries have been made by experts to help overcome health problems experienced by humans. Because now there are many people who have faced various complex health problems. One of the most common diseases is cancer.

About  Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal growth of tissue cells that turn into cancer cells. In the development of these cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body so that it can cause death Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that can be experienced by anyone. Even cancer not only consists of one disease, but there are more than 200 different types of cancer. And various types of cancer, of course, there are symptoms and methods of healing that vary in handling.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released 10 lists of diseases that most often cause sufferers to lose their lives, and one of them is respiratory cancer which includes cancer of the trachea, larynx, bronchi and lungs. The main cause is smoking, smoking excessive smoke and environmental toxins. Even in 2015 it was noted that there were 4 million deaths each year caused by respiratory cancer.

cancer treatment

In 1983, cancer was the leading cause of death in South Korea. About 190,000 people were diagnosed with cancer and 72,000 of them died. Even this number has increased in the last two decades. Lung cancer is one of the types of cancer that most often lurk in Korean society. Because in 2010 as many as 14.2% of men and 6.1% of women in Korea had lung cancer.

This shows that the government and Korean health institutions must immediately act to address this problem. One of the concrete actions that is useful to combat cancer is by doing photodynamic therapy. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a beauty procedure and non-invasive surgical treatment for a variety of health problems including certain types of cancer, such as gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer, and pre-skin cancer lesions. PDT includes two components: drugs commonly referred to as photosensitization and light agents.

PDT technology was developed by KERI (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute). PDT is also called blue light or photocemotrapi, Photodynamic Therapy uses various types of rays such as lasers, blue rays and LEDs to activate the components inside the drug to destroy damaged tissues and abnormal cells.

Photodynamic methods using photosensitive and laser, effectively kill cancer cells, and are a treatment therapy without injury. Some photodynamic therapies that you need to know, the first step is to inject photosensitive into the patient’s body, the photosensitive used is photofrin. Furthermore, after the injection must wait 40 to 50 hours, and the last is to use a laser to illuminate the cancer area and kill cancer cells.

The advantage of doing this therapy is the presence of minimally invasive ie not surgery, no injury, and pain that feels light. In addition, fast results will be obtained soon. With only 48-72 hours, you can see the results. This therapy can also prevent the cancer from recurring because the laser beam can eradicate cells or cancerous lesions that are small or potentially relapse. Patients who do this therapy are usually rare for complications. Besides toxicity (the level of damage to a substance if exposed to organisms) is low, it is mainly used for advanced cancer or patients who are elderly with physical weakness.

The application of photodynamic therapic in patients with lung cancer has reaped a lot of success. If patients with early stage respiratory cancer have achieved recovery by up to 90%. Whereas in patients with advanced respiratory tract cancer and who experience blockages, the success rate of improvement reaches 85%. This method is also effective in treating other cancers such as colon cancer, bile duct cancer, which is especially suitable for the treatment of hilar bile duct cancer. Besides pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, skin tumors of the chest and abdominal membranes and reproductive urinary tract cancer can also be overcome with this therapy.