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Eye Aesthetic Surgery Through View Plastic Surgery Clinic

view platic surgery

Eyes are the windows to your soul, or so they say. We all dream of having beautiful eyes, unfortunately, not all of us are born with them. For those who were born without their dream looks, it’s not the end of the world. There is still a way to achieve this from plastic surgery.

Before getting surgery done, though, knowing about all types of eye surgeries and whether or not you are the right candidate for each type would be handy.

There are several types of eye surgery, including upper and lower blepharoplasty, epicanthoplasty and ptosis correction surgery.

view platic surgery

Upper blepharoplasty is surgery performed on upper eyelid. This is done by removing fat deposits and excess skin in order to shape and tighten the upper eyelid.

Lower blepharoplasty is surgery performed on lower eyelid. This is done by reducing fat and excess lower skin in order to tighten the bag and fold in the lower eyelid while tightening the muscles in the eye frame.

Epicanthoplasty is an aestheric surgical procedure done in order to increase the width of eye which would create an image of bigger and lovely eyes. This surgery is often performed by Asian people because most of them have Mongolian petal lines.

Lastly there is ptosis correction surgery. Ptosis is a disorder when the upper eyelid drops. If severe enough and left untreated, the drooping eyelid can cause other conditions, such as amblyopia or astigmatism. This is why it is important for this disorder to be treated as early as possible before it can interfere with vision development.view platic surgery

Now that you have an understanding of various eye surgeries, one other important thing you need to research is information regarding the doctors and hospitals in South Korea.

This might be overwhelming for you, but fortunately, there are medical tourism agents like Medictel who has done the homework for you. We offer free consultations regarding the best hospitals and doctors for your specific conditions with no extra cost. Which means you will pay the same whether or not you use Medictel’s service, or sometimes you can even save money – and most likely time – by utilizing our service.

As for the clinic, you can check View Plastic Surgery which is a specialized plastic surgery clinic in South Korea with reliable and experienced team. They have record of 13 years of practice with no surgery related accidents due to their focus in safety.


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Want to face Fresh and look beautiful with Eye Surgery

eye surgery

eye surgery

Eye bags are common in someone who experiences sleep deprivation. Eyes due to lack of sleep tend to cause blood vessels under the thin skin to dilate the eyes and create dark colors. These dilated blood vessels can cause a buildup of fluid around the eyes, thus forming eye bags. In addition, eye bags can also arise on someone who uses his eye organs for excessive activity. As is done by someone who is always dealing with a computer screen or other objects that can interfere with eye health. Not only that, eye bags can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, lack of drinking mineral water, lack of vitamins, lack of vegetables, anemia, smoking, even because of genetic factors.

There are many ways that can be done to eliminate eye bags, starting from a variety of traditional treatments performed at home to performing modern treatments at the beauty clinic. But for some people, they don’t have enough time to do it regularly. Because it requires consistency and patience in doing beauty treatments. Not even a few people also “give up” with the condition of their eye bags. Because it does not continue to reap good results after routine maintenance of their eye bags. To overcome this, of course it takes an action that will have a significant impact on the appearance of your face. This action is of course by carrying out eye bag plastic surgery. With eye bag surgery, your face can look fresh and look younger in a short time. Then actually how is the eye surgery process done? Are there any negative impacts caused by the operation? Here we refer to the brief description.


Lower blepharoplasty is an action that aims to tighten the lower eyelid sac and folds. In this case, including reducing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles in the eye frame. In doing this operation requires accuracy and accuracy in determining the amount of excess fat and skin tissue that needs to be removed. If determining this is not right, it can create a strange impression on your eyes and face. Before performing eyelid plastic surgery, the first thing that needs to be done is to consult first between the doctor and the patient. In the consultation process, the doctor will explain the operation process, side effects to medical problems that may arise after surgery. In addition, the doctor will examine the medical history and determine the appropriate actions and anesthesia for the patient. If you choose to do local anesthesia, then you do not have to do a special examination before performing surgery. It’s different if you choose to do general anesthesia, where you are unconscious during the operation process. Before surgery, you will be asked to do a blood test. And if you are 40 years old, you are advised to check around the lung and heart area first. During the operation, the surgeon will perform an incision just below the lashes or on the lower eyelid to remove or regulate excess fat, loose muscles and skin. Next the doctor will combine the skin with small stitches along the bottom of the eyelashes or eyelids.

After plastic surgery, for about a week, your eyelids will experience mild pain, numbness, swelling around the eyes, excessive wet or dry sensations, eye irritation and extreme sensitivity to light. To help with the recovery process, it is recommended that you do several things such as cold compressing the eye area with the aim of reducing eye clots, gently cleansing the eyelids using an ointment that has been recommended by a previous doctor, and supporting the head with a pillow while sleeping for several days to reduce freezing. In addition, you must always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and irritation from sunlight and wind. You are also not advised to swim and do heavy activities first for a few days. Recovery from eye bag plastic surgery usually takes several weeks. In two to seven days, the stitches will be removed. Redness and swelling after surgery will fade over time. You may be able to move back as early as ten days after surgery. For some people the recovery process may last a long time, because seeing the postoperative condition that seems uncomfortable, especially at the beginning after surgery when your face looks swollen and bruised.

Only after two weeks, you are allowed to use makeup whose purpose is to disguise swelling and blue due to bruises on the face. But don’t worry, the results of the operation will look good and comfortable after entering the second month. Now, after reading the description above, are you interested in eye plastic surgery? You no longer need to hesitate, because currently Medictel  is here to help you. 

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Want to Know How Korean Celebrities Perform Eyelid Surgery? Let’s see the discussion

medictel korea

medictel korea

For those of you who love Korean dramas or Korean pop music, you may be familiar with the term plastic eyelid surgery. Plastic surgery on the upper eyelid or eye fold is common among South Koreans, especially for celebrities. Because people in South Korea are very obsessed with having large eye shapes accompanied by double petals. So how is plastic surgery on the eye done? Are there special treatments that postoperative patients must undergo? Then what is the negative impact after doing plastic surgery on the eyelids? Consider the following full discussion.

Eyelid repair surgery or also called blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure on the eyelids that is carried out both at the top and bottom. The aesthetic surgery performed on the upper eyelid aims to remove fat deposits, wrinkles and excess skin on the upper eyelid that is usually owned by people who are experiencing the aging process. Circumstances like this certainly make your face look tired and sad. Excess skin on the eyelids causes the natural folds of the upper eyelids (eyelids) not to be seen clearly. This is what often happens to Korean celebrities. They are willing to operate on the eyelids to form new folds in the eyes so that their eyes look more vibrant and radiant.

medictel korea

Eyelid surgery is not only focused on the eye, but also covers other parts around it. If the condition of the upper eyelid is also accompanied by sagging eyebrows, then the forehead tightening is also recommended. Before performing surgery on the eye, the doctor also ensures that the patient does not suffer ‘dry eye’ or other eye disorders. Before starting the surgery, the main thing to do is anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is usually done in patients who want to perform eyelid surgery. Not only that, the activities of examining the heart, blood pressure, pulse, etc. are also not to be missed. Then how is the process of eyelid surgery done? Your doctor will choose the best technique for everyone. Because each individual has different ways and conditions. For upper eyelid surgery, the incision is extended to the outer corner into a line of laughter or other curves. Through this incision, the excess skin is removed to form new petals.

Doing eyelid surgery is not without risk, some of these things could have been the impact after performing eyelid surgery, including the presence of a collection of frozen blood that occurred under the skin layer. This should not be allowed, action must be taken immediately by issuing it. Then, there is a feeling of ‘dry’ in the eye or irritation that takes longer to heal. In addition, after performing surgery, the eyelids will experience ‘numbness’ for a while or even experience a malfunction.

However, some of these things can be minimized by always following the doctor’s advice and instructions both before and after surgery. Then is there a special treatment done by the patient after performing eyelid surgery? The day after surgery, the patient must rest with his head elevated. The doctor will give a message so that the patient performs a cold compress on the eyelid. In addition, patients are also not allowed to take certain drugs such as aspirin or certain inflammatory drugs

You also do not need to worry if there is swelling and bruising for 48 hours after surgery, because it usually happens to someone who has just had eyelid surgery. In addition, your vision will also be slightly blurred, sensitive to light and may experience excessive wet or dry. But you don’t need to worry, because this only happens temporarily. You only have to routinely give eye drops to help treat “burning sensation” or itching in the eyes. You may also be advised to always wear dark glasses for the first two weeks to protect and rest your eyes.