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South Korea is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world for both men and women. This is because South Korea has low rates of obesity and blood pressure, lower than many western countries. The number of smokers among women is also lower. In addition, South Korea has a level of health care system that is evenly distributed, compared to other countries such as the United States, where there is no universal health insurance, so some community groups do not get it. Of course this is also supported by the presence of good health facilities owned by South Korea. Hospitals located in Korea are world class hospitals, have complete equipment and are supported by the latest technology. In addition, the treatment room is also designed very well and comfortably. What’s more at this time there is also an in-room that provides pleasant facilities such as expensive crystal decorations, computers, two beds, a sofa and several tables for tea.

Not only that, medical personnel in South Korea are also medical staff with good abilities and have high experience. They are able to overcome a variety of complex and serious health conditions. There are three types of medical facilities located in Korea, including first-level health facilities, namely hospital facilities that have a number of medical departments that provide comprehensive medical services to treat and prevent the onset of symptoms. This first-level hospital includes private hospitals and community health centers. Then the second level medical facilities are medical services for inpatients and outpatients. Have specialist doctors and more than four medical departments. In addition, emergency services are also always available in this medical service. And lastly there is a third level health facility which is a public hospital or hospital owned by a medical school. The hospital, which is at level three, has an average of about 500 beds.

The Korean government has also launched various special treatment programs, including the Korean government continues to strive to facilitate procedures for foreign patients to get medical services in Korea. Large hospitals also made similar efforts by collaborating in supporting the government to attract more foreign patients, such as establishing special medical facilities for foreigners. Not only that, several facilities such as therapeutic forests, multifunctional complexes that combine the benefits of eastern and western medicine and provide a comfortable health therapy environment have been planned by the Korean government for comfort and tranquility during the treatment process.

Besides being supported by a comfortable environment, South Korea also has a variety of cutting-edge facilities in the field of health sciences. Treatment sophistication for serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and neurological diseases has developed rapidly in South Korea. Sophisticated and modern equipment is a very helpful tool for the performance of doctors in the healing process of patients. Some of these advanced technologies include Robotic Surgery (da Vinci Surgery).

Da Vinci Surgery is the latest technology for minimally invasive surgery using sophisticated and modern surgical robots that can facilitate the surgeon’s work and heal patients with minor surgical wounds, minimal bleeding and faster recovery.

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As the most sophisticated surgical robot, Da Vinci Surgery has the features of a small and multifunctional robotic arm that can reach the organs in the body through a small hole because it can rotate and bend far beyond the ability of a doctor’s fingers or hands. The robot is also equipped with a high resolution camera and maximum magnification that helps doctors see more clearly. In addition, the robot also has a multifunctional arm that can function as a camera, knife and scissors. This technology further reduces the risk of scissors or other surgical instruments that can be left in the stomach. But not all surgeons or specialist doctors can perform surgery with this robot surgery. The doctor must take certain training and certification to be able to operate it. The duration of surgery can also be shorter, as well as shorter hospitalization times. Robotic surgery has been widely used in hospitals in Korea for cancer surgery, heart surgery, thyroid surgery, brain surgery, liver surgery and other diseases that require robotic surgery. In addition, there is also the Khife Cyber ​​Gamma technology which is one of the radio surgery treatments or radiation surgery to destroying tumors in the brain without having to do surgery. Gamma knives are scalpels that use gamma rays to cut or damage tissues.


medictel koreaCyber ​​gamma knife technology can treat several dangerous diseases including brain tumors, acoustic neuroma diseases (benign tumors that cause decreased hearing, dizziness, reduced balance and tinnitus), pituitary adonema disease (tumors in the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain). This gland functions to control various functions such as stress response, metabolism and sexual function.

In addition, cyber gamma knife technology can also cure functional disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia, namely disorders of one or all three trigeminal nerves that convey sensory information to the otok.

This nerve will cause paralysis and pain in the face feels like sengartan electricity. The technology that is no less great is Proton Therapy. Proton therapy is included in the radio therapy section.

But this therapy uses proton rays as a medium to destroy the cancer. This therapy is very effective in the treatment of cancer for children and adults because the side effects produced are very small compared to other radiation therapies that have been available so far.

medictel koreaProton therapy was originally created to cure cancer in children, because children are not resistant to exposure to too much radiation. By reducing the side effects of the radiation, children can continue to live normally after completing cancer treatment.

Over time, proton therapy is also used to cure cancer in adults and the results are very satisfying because in adults the cancer is more solid so that protons can be more easily directed to cancer cells and destroy the cancer cells. In Asia, proton therapy is only available in 3 countries, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

In Korea alone there are 2 hospitals that provide this therapy. Because of its technological sophistication in the field of health, some time ago South Korea came to the government and Qatar Health Institution. The arrival of the Qatari government is to study the progress of Korean health technology and how to operate it. Even according to the Qatar Health Minister, his country will adopt how Korea integrates the technology and treatment industry.

The Qatar delegation admitted to being very impressed with the quality standards of health services that Korea has, especially in the Cancer center and organ transplants. Interested in doing treatment while feeling the latest technology? Quickly recover your health by coming to South Korea! So that you become healthy and have a high life expectancy like Koreans.