Hip-Up Surgery (Apple line)

Hip up surgery is a procedure that adds volume and elasticity on flat and drooped buttocks for more attractive Hip up line.

This surgery lifts up the sagging buttocks and improves elasticity to create an attractive hip line when the legs look short and the buttocks looks saggy.

Who are the right candidates for Apple Hip-up Operation?

People who have drooped and flat hip
People who asymmetric buttocks
People whose buttocks are flat and their legs look short
People who have small pelvis

People who have sagging buttocks with lacking volume and unattractive hip line

Duration: 2-3 hours

Type of Anesthetic: General Anesthesia

Preoperative Preparation:

Blood test

General examination of physical conditions.

Patient will be required to tell the doctor his/her medical history and whether or not the patient has history of illness or allergies.
In-depth consultation with medical personnel

Operation Process:

Doctor will make an incision line 3-4 cm near the center of the back waist where the two hips interact.
Doctor will insert the FDA and KFDA-approved soft-textured hip implant under the muscle layer or hip fascia.
Apple hi-up surgery does not require much post-treatment attention because the hip area has enough fat and muscle tissue that creates natural and normal hips.

Possible Risks:

Bruising and swelling occur in the buttocks area.
Uncomfortable in a sitting position.
Temporary pain.

Postoperative Care:

Avoid physical activity after several days of surgery.
Sleep face down or sideways for a month.

You should avoid crossing your legs while sitting or standing, and do not allow your knees to come higher than your hips. Also, avoid sitting in low sofas or chairs.
Patient can begin mild shower 7 days after surgery, after the incision line has fully recovered.
Wear compressed clothing 1-2 days after surgery for 2-3 months. Compressed clothing controls swelling and helps relax skin tissue around the hip area.
Do not rub the incision line around the hip area until it has completely recovered.