Inverted nipple surgery

Inverted nipple surgery is an operation on the nipple that is not protruding or flat, the shape of the nipple tends to sink into the nipple.

Who are the right candidates for Inverted Nipple Surgery?

People who want to look attractive with a prominent nipple shape
Those of you who have concave nipple problems
People who often experience infections around the concave nipple area
People who want to have an effect of weight loss
People who have breastfeeding problems after pregnancy

Duration: estimated 90 minutes

Type of Anesthetic: Local Anesthesia

Preoperative Preparation:

Initial consultation with the doctor, convey the result you want as clear as possible
Doctor will checkk the condition of the patient’s nipple
The doctor will give instructions, and explain the procedures and the risks of surgery

Operation Process:

The doctor will make an incision on all sides of the nipple
Doctor will remove fibrous hardened tissue that pulls the nipple down
Doctor will place the nipple in the middle position and re-sew the surrounding tissue.

Risks that May Occur Post-Operation:

Possible nerve damage
Loss of sensitivity to the nipple
Possible (temporary) postoperative irritation

Postoperative Care:

Wear a special bra to protect your nipples
Avoid wearing tight clothes
Apply a special ointment to the nipple to treat postoperative irritation