Jaw Bone Surgery

Jaw bone surgery or reduction surgery is a type of facial reconstruction surgery in which the middle part jaw is cut and the rest of the jaw then connected together to create the slimmer face shape.

Who are the right candidates for Jaw Bone Surgery?

People who want a V-line face shape
People who have a square jaw due to a large jawbone
People with unbalanced jaw lines
People who want a slimmer jaw line
People who have a lower chin

Operation Duration: estimated 60 Minutes

Type of Anesthetic: General Anesthesia

Preoperative Preparation:

Initial consultation with the doctor, convey the result you want as clear as possible

The doctor analyzes the patient’s face and chin
The doctor explains the risks that may occur after surgery and the type of anesthesia used
Patient will be required to tell the doctor his/her medical history and whether or not the patient has had any surgeries in the past.

Operation Process:

Doctor will design a line of incisions in the mouth and determine which parts need to be taken action on.
Doctor will begin the process of reducing jaw bone and tightening the skin
Doctor will proceed with the process of reducing the jawbone side if needed
Doctor will reunite the incision made
Doctor then proceed to complete surgical sutures

Risk of Operation:

Decreasing of blood supply to the face
Damage to teeth
Nerve damage
Numbness on the face

Postoperative Care:

The recovery process lasts for 1 to 2 weeks
Adequate intake of nutrition during the postoperative recovery process
Consume only soft foods so as not to overload jaw performance