Our Value


Safety and Reliability

Medictel is a medical tourism company trusted and certified by the South Korean government.
We have been accredited by the government to have business licenses, medical tourism certification and insurance. We also maintain close relationship with Dispute Mediation Committee and work hand in hand with the Government of the Korean Ministry of Health and Korean Welfare, the Korean Ministry of Culture, and other medical tour departments in order to make the medictel of the best Korean Medical Tourism company.

medictel koreaProfessionalism and Hospital Selection

While Medictel is only an agent and don’t own a hospital of its own, we maintain a network system with specialized and renowned hospitals in South Korea which have the latest medical technology. Additionally we use the National Health Information database to evaluate hospitals, such as satisfaction rate and accident rate in order to recommend the most suitable hospitals to our clients.

medictel korea


Experienced Team 

Medictel has an experienced team to consult with in finding the best hospitals and doctors in Korea.

Global Collaboration

Medictel has a global cooperative relationship with several countries with same vision and mission in health, beauty and plastic surgery fields.

Modern Accommodations 

Medictel helps you find your accommodation in modern hotels and apartments located near your hospital in accordance with your budget.

Special Tour Events 

Medictel will plan special tour events for you, ranging from culinary tours, mall shopping, Korean souvenirs, to visits to Korean popular destinations.