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Korean VS American Plastic Surgery

korea medical tourism

Plastic surgery has become a blooming trend in recent years worldwide. A lot of people have accepted it as a means to achieve their dream look, even in countries where it was previously seen as taboo.

korea medical tourism

One country where plastic surgery has blossomed is United States of America. Although they aren’t as open about it as people in Korea, the number of people who have gone through the table is considerably high.

korea medical tourism

Although both big in South Korea and US, there are pretty big differences in the demand of procedures being sought after in the two countries. This is largely due to difference in beauty standards in South Korea and US.

What is the striking difference between plastic surgery in both countries?

korea medical tourism
In Asian countries, people generally want a more pointed jaw shape, or commonly referred to as V-line. This is done in order to look more slim and have smaller face.

korea medical tourism
Unlike Asian people, westerners typically prefer wider chin and prominent jaw which creates stronger look.

korea medical tourism

They also tend to prefer thicker lips because they consider it sexy.

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Y-Line Breast Surgery for More Ideal and Perfect Breast

korea medical tourism

It’s though to think of anything more alluring than a nice cleavage. We’ve seen them being used all over medias to convey a woman’s sexiness and beauty, and for a good reason too.

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to show their sex appeal through it. Your breasts might be on the “blessed” side, size-wise but they might not have the right shape or they might be too far apart from each other. For you who have similar problem, Korean plastic surgery might just be the right solution for you!
korea medical tourism
The aforementioned surgery is for you who have problems with the shape of your breast cleavage, and it is called Y-Line Breast Surgery Action, available at ID Plastic Surgery Hospital. This surgery is useful for making curves using breast implants by adding additional fat in the empty area between the breasts to create a more ideal shape.

The results will look really natural and will not look artificial nor overdone.

So what exactly is considered to be ideal breast shape? It is generally considered that the ideal breasts have less than 3 centimeters gap between each other.

korea medical tourism

Simple breast surgery can’t solve this particular problem because the implants used in such surgery cannot fill the gap between the breasts so the result will appear stiff, unlike breasts done with Y-Line breast surgery

This surgery takes about an hour while you are injected with general anesthesia, and you can remove the sutures after a week. Recovery normally takes 3-4 days.

korea medical tourism

Here are the steps for Y-Line breast surgery procedures

Step 1 – performing various health checks to see your body condition as well as your height, weight, chest shape, amount of breast tissue, skin elasticity and so on.

Step 2 – choosing the right implants for your body (Allergan or Mentor). The implants provided are safe implants approved by food and drug administration in the United States and South Korea.

Step 3 – the process of implant usage in your breasts to improve the shape and curves.

Step 4 -transferring the nano fat. This will make the curves of your body more noticeable and your breast cleavage more attractive.



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Educational Tour Spots in Gangnam

korea medical tourism

Gangnam is one of the most popular areas in South Korea, with its glamorous lifestyle and numerous entertainment and tourist attractions available in the area.

korea medical tourism

There are a lot you can do in Gangnam, there are places where you can eat, shop, watch movies, take photos, or even have educational tours! Yes, having luxurious and glamorous lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun education too!

Do you want to know what the examples of those tourist spots are?

1. Bongeunsa Temple

korea medical tourism

This temple, formerly known as The Gyeonseongsa Temple, is located north of COEX Mall. The temple was built in the 10th year of Silla King – Weongseong (794). In 1498, Queen Jeonghyeon renewed The Gyeonseongsa Temple and renamed it to The Bounseunsa Temple.

The Bounseunsa Temple holds 3,479 of 13 types of Buddhist scriptures, including King Jeong-hee’s works. A Buddhist ceremony called Jeongdaebulsa is held on the ninth day of eighth month of Lunar calendar where monks lined up carrying scriptures on their heads reciting Beopseongge (a Buddhist ceremony).

korea medical tourism

This temple is one of few historical architectures left in Gangnam, a city that has rapidly become modernized, and can act as a “sanctuary” in the midst of Gangnam’s busy life.

Upon entering its gate, you will feel as if you are in an entirely different dimension, asthe atmosphere immediately contrasts this busy lifestyle of Gangnam’s with its strong calm and peaceful atmosphere.

This temple is a historical symbol left from Gangnam, a city that has become modern and sparkling. This place is like a “sanctuary” amid the bustle of Gangnam region.

The entrance gate to the temple is made of solid wood depicting four kings of heaven (four heavenly kings) on its right and left sides, and there are two statues of elephants standing firmly to welcome you.

Entering the gate of this temple, the atmosphere immediately changed as it entered another dimension. Feeling calm and peaceful feels so strong. The area is vast and consists of multiple stories, and this temple is one of 14 main temples and is the center of 80 small temples throughout Seoul. There are stairs leading to a beautiful room with ornaments on ceiling and a towering Buddha statue on standing position.

korea medical tourism

You can simply spend your time walking around enjoying the view and taking a few photos along the way, or you can opt to stay in the temple for few days and try the temple activities such as tea ceremonies, arrow 108, eating Buddhist food, and interacting with the monks.

This trip wouldn’t put too much dent in your wallet either as it’s not very expensive.


2. Seoulleung Park

korea medical tourism

Seouleung Park is located in 1 Seoulleung-ro 100-gil, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and is open from Monday to Saturday at 6 am to 9 pm. Seonjeongneung is the burial place of two  kings and one queen of Joseon dynasty. The westernmost tomb belongs to King Seongjong, the ninth king of the Joseon dynasty. His first wife, Queen Han, died at the age of 18 and was buried near Munsan, north of Seoul.

Upon entering the yard, you can see a red gate with taeguk (yin-yang) symbol. Red color symbolizes chastity. Then, there will be two stone paths leading to the sacrificial building.  Do take note that you need to walk on the lower path as it meant for the living and the elevated path is meant for dead kings.

The park itself is decorated with a lot of tall trees, benches in pedestrian area, and a sight of many small hills making it really comfortable to relax your mind in.


3. Kimchi Field Museum

korea medical tourism

Kimchikan Museum is where you can learn about various types of kimchis, their histories, and manufacturing process. You can also taste the kimchi. It is located on ground floor of COEX Mall and is open from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Even though it’s not large, it does give you comfortable atmosphere to learn in.

The museum exhibits beautifully presented artificial kimchi shapes from behind a glass display case. If you aren’t a reader type, you can press a button to have the explanations read for you.


4. COEX Aquarium

korea medical tourism

The COEX Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in South Korea, consisting of 650 species with over 40,000 aquatic creatures living in it. It provides 90 tanks within 14 “discovery zones” including 6 thematic areas.

The areas include Story of Korean Fish, Fish in Wonderland, Amazonia World, Garden of Jellyfish, and they all provide you with different yet equally enjoyable experience.

korea medical tourism

You can get COEX Aquarium tickets for 28,000 KRW for adults, 25,000 KRW for teenagers, 22,000 KRW for children, and 20,000 KRW for elderly. Access is free for children under 3 years when accompanied by at least 1 parent.


5. Coreana Art and Culture Complex

korea medical tourism

Coreana Art and Culture is the largest museum in Korea for cosmetics. This museum was created with the goal to preserve and promote beauty goods and beauty culture of Korea.

It holds around 53,000 various beauty items collected by Dr. Yu Sang-Ok, one of the executive directors of Coreana Cosmetics. The museum has made important contribution to education and research of Korean cosmetics by presenting the history behind them and by holding traditional cosmetics exhibitions.

korea medical tourism

You can get ticket to Coreana Art and Culture Complex for 4000 KRW for adults and 3000 KRW for students if you come alone or in small group.

However, you can get discount for coming with bigger groups (10 or more people) which then makes the price 3000 KRW for adults and 2000 KRW for students.

Entry is free for elderly (65+ years), children (7- years), and people with disabilities.


6. W Museum Figure

korea medical tourism

W Museum Figure is located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. It is a museum with unique concept, combining sculptures, toys, and amusement parks into one gigantic fun time. It provides entertainment for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

korea medical tourism

The museum consists of six themes, the exhibition hall includes entertainment, a large hall with coffee shop inside, a mania shop that provides merchandise and other facilities with various action figures.

korea medical tourism

You can get ticket for 15,000 KRW for adults (20+ years), 13,500 KRW for teens (14-19 years), and 12,000 KRW for children.

You can get 30% discount if you come with at least 15 people group. They also provide 30% discount for people  with disabilities and 10% discount if you make online reservations.

Entry is free for children aged 3 and under.

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Cheap Restaurants and Cafes in Gangnam

korea medical tourism

Traveling to another country can cost you a lot of money, especially if you aren’t careful in planning your trip. One of the more important aspects of it is where you eat. If money is no concern to you, then great but otherwise you might want to pick restaurants with affordable price while of course still offering nice and tasty delicacies.

Other consideration of yours might be the comfort and atmosphere of the restaurant so you can enjoy your food all the while being spoiled by the environment, while providing you with a nice Instagram photo for your page.

1. Pomato

Cost: around 3,500 to 7,500 KRW

korea medical tourism

Are you a more practical person? If so, then Pomato might just be right for you. Pomato is a South Korean fast food restaurant located in several locations, one of which is Yeoksam-dong 826-27, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This restaurant can usually be found at a subway station, and is open for 24 hours.

korea medical tourism
Some of the menus available in this restaurant are kimbab, katsu and omellete, fried rice, as well as various Chinese food and Korean food dishes such as bimbimbap. One of the best dishes here is chicken mayo (4000 KRW).

It is overall a really affordable restaurant, and I’d like to add that it has quite stylish decor.

korea medical tourism

2. Gangnam Gyoza

Cost: around 9,000 KRW

korea medical tourism

Are you a light eater or just happen to fancy a little healthy snack after meal? Then you can visit Gangnam Gyoza located at 11 Gangnam-Daero 69-gil, Seocho 4 (sa)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. It sells variety of steamed dumplings, suki, noodles, and more. You can also choose the level of spicyness according to your taste.

The restaurant is open from 4 pm to 10 pm, perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

korea medical tourism
The favourite menu of this restaurant is dumpling or steamed dumpling menu, which consist of steamed dumplings filled with minced pork and spring onions wrapped in transparent dumpling skin which makes it possible for you to see the insides of your little happiness before eating it.

korea medical tourismkorea medical tourism

The restaurant has very comfortable and homey atmosphere, opting for a traditional Korean theme.


3. Paris Baguette Gangnam Station


bread costs around 1300 KRW to 4000 KRW

drinks costs around 2000 KRW for hot coffee to 6000 KRW for fruit drinks

korea medical tourism
If you’re the type to go cranky before your first coffee, then stop by Paris Baguette Gangnam Station at 28, Tehran-ro 1-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to get your morning fix along with some bread to go along with it.

korea medical tourism korea medical tourism
There all types of bread, from donuts, pastries, croissants, cakes, pudding, to muffins with all sort of flavors.

  korea medical tourismkorea medical tourism
korea medical tourism

Aside from coffee, you can also opt for chocolates, green tea, mocha, or mango passion lattes.


4. Dos Tacos

Cost: around 4000 KRW to 8000 KRW

korea medical tourism
If you want to try Mexican food, you can visit Don Tacos at 455 Gangnam-daero, Seocho 4 (sa)-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. It’s open from Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 10 pm.

korea medical tourism
This restaurant has a variety of Mexican specialties such as burritos, nachos, flautas, and tostadas for a really affordable price.

The restaurant has quite comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, carrying a semi bohemian theme that makes you feel like you are in some sort of telenovela.

korea medical tourism korea medical tourism

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Recommended Lodging in Gangnam, from Pricey to Cheap

korea medical tourism

For some people, visiting South Korea is a dream come true. Beautiful scenery, modern lifestyle, nice food, and really safe environment. One of the most visited areas in Korea is Gangnam, which is located in Southeastern part of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Gangnam is third largest and 4th most populous district of 25 districts in Seoul.

korea medical tourism

Gangnam is known as one of the centers of entertainment and plastic surgery. There are a lot of plastic surgery facilities in Gangnam, from large hospitals to simple clinics with affordable prices.

If you’re planning on having plastic surgery in Gangnam, obviously you will also need to consider where you will be staying. You need lodging that’s not only comfortable, but also offer you the right price for it.

Here, Medictel will give you some lodging information in Gangnam, whether you are the type of person who don’t want to spend more for accommodations because you already spent much on plastic surgery, or you simply want the best experience possible because you might only visit Gangnam once, we have you covered.

1. Mercure Ambassador Seoul Gangnam Sodowe

Cost: 120.000 KRW for a standard room with 1 double bed and free wifi

korea medical tourismkorea medical tourism

This 4 star class hotel is located at 10, Tehran-ro 25-gil, gangnam-ru, Gangnam, Seoul and it has 21 floors above a luxurious building with modern decor. It is located near several tourist spots such as Seollang Park, COEX Mall, Kimchi Museum, and is very close to MRT station.

Also, it is very close to BanoBagi plastic surgery hospital, making it ideal choice for those who have treatment in that hospital.

Facilities include lounge cafe, fitness center, meeting room, and sky lounge rooftop bar.

2. Imperial Palace Seoul

Cost: 128.000 KRW per night for superior twin room.

korea medical tourism
If you’re a fan of grandeur look, then you might want to check out Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel. Upon entering the lobby, you will be greeted by luxurious view with large and sturdy columns that you might see in a lot of older European buildings.
This hotel is located in 640, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-ru, Seoul 06098. It is close to COEX Mall, Apgujeong Rodeo Street (fashon center with fancy brand shops), Bongeun Buddhist Temple, and Hak Dong Station.
Facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness centers, saunas and steam rooms, business and conference room.

korea medical tourismkorea medical tourismkorea medical tourism

3. Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam

Cost: 215.500 KRW per night for standard twin bed facility.

korea medical tourism

Facilities include “Children Club” for you want to go to places where underaged children aren’t allowed, indoor pool facilities, sauna, hot tub, fitness center, coffee shop and bar.
This hotel is adjacent to Seolleung Park, Central City Shopping Mall, Goto Mal, and Apgujeong Rodeo Street.
It is also close to View Plastic Surgery, one of the top plastic surgery hospitals in South Korea.


korea medical tourism

4. Sun City Guest House
Cost: 55.850 KRW
korea medical tourism
Sun City Guest House is a hotel with homey atmosphere and affordable price, perfect for you who like an atmosphere of being in your own home.

The room provides you with free wifi, a kitchen area along with the equipment, and a dining table with 4 chairs.

It is located at 7-12, Gangnam-Daeor 146-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. In the area, you can find several shopping centers such as Goto Mall, Central City Shopping Mall, and Aphgujeong Rodeo Street Area.

It is also close to BK Plastic Surgery.

korea medical tourism
In addition, it is also close to Banpo Bridge, which is a bridge that connects two districts in South Korea, Seocho and Yongsan.

Here you can see a very beautiful and romantic fountain show called Rainbow Fountain, which extends along the left and right side of the bridge. It is called so because the water is lit with colorful lights which gives it a colorful look like a rainbow.
korea medical tourism
5. Gangnam Family Hotel
Cost: 79,800 KRW per night for single bed facilities and free wifi.korea medical tourism

If you want a middle class lodging that isn’t so expensive but still comfortable, then Gangnam Family Hotel is the right choice.

The rooms provides air conditioner and mini kitchen with fridge and microwave, washing machine, ironing equipment, a work desk, a flat-screen cable TV, and free wifi service.
Facilities include sauna facilities for additional cost, laundry and dry cleaning services.
The hotel is located in the heart of Gangnam, precisely at 143 Bongeunsa-ro, Nonhyeon 1 (il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, between Eonju underground station and the Sinnonhyeon underground station (Line 9). Each stations are approximately 10 minutes walk away from the hotel.

It is also close to View Plastic Surgery Hospital.

korea medical tourism

Because the hotel is close to stations, you can easily visit several tourist attractions such as one of the iconic places in Korea, Gyeongbok Palace, which is located North of Seoul, N Seoul Tower, and one of the biggest shopping centers in Seoul, Myeongdong.

korea medical tourism
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Galactomyces, Skin Care Ingredient Used in Many Korean Beauty Products

Korea medical tourism

From snail slime to bee venom, there are a lot of newfound ingredients for skin health care that have never been thought of years ago .

In this article, we’re going to explore fermented skincare ingredients that has been used for a while now in the beauty industry. One of the source of this is fermented fungus, which contains galactomyces, one of the popular ingredients used in skincare products.

Korea medical tourism

What is galactomyces? It is a type of fungus that has been processed through fermentation and filtration, which makes it rich in vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes for your skin. This fermentation also makes it more absorbable by the skin. Therefore, galactomyces is also effective as moisturizer and can strengthen your skin protection against free radicals and UV rays, the main causes of premature aging.

Korea medical tourism

The Asian Journal of Beauty and Cosmetology’s research concluded that galactomyces essence can reduce large pores and black heads on the face drastically (up to 15.66% and 21.84%). Another study mentioned that galactomyces can help reduce sebum by up to 64.17%, brighten up skin face up to 2.49%, and reduce acne by 9.59%.

Korea medical tourism

As stated above, there are a lot of beauty cosmetic products containing galactomyces, one of which is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, however, this product is known for being on the expensive side.

Here are some cheaper alternatives for you

  • COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence
  • Benton Fermentation Essence
  • Benton Fermentation Eye CreamP
  • PureHeals Galactomyces 90 Ampoule

Korea medical tourism

Korea medical tourism

medictel indonesia agen operasi plastik

Keep in mind that galactomyces works by activating AhR, which in turn can trigger a breakout or inflammation in the skin with some special conditions such as acne fungal, rosacea, psoariasis, dermatitis,  and eczema. If you have these skin conditions, you should avoid using galactomyces, or use patch test before trying your products for safety measure.

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Unique Plastic Surgery Museum in South Korea

Korea medical tourism

Fans of plastic surgery, have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a whole museum dedicated to plastic surgery? Wonder no more, as you can visit BK Plastic Surgery Museum, a museum presenting variety of new info you can learn about plastic surgery, from various tools used for surgery to how plastic surgery is done on each part of the body, be it the eyes, nose, face, hips, or breasts.

Korea medical tourism
Plastic surgery museum in South Korea

BK Plastic Surgery Museum is located on the second floor of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital building near Sinsa Station.

Korea medical tourismKorea medical tourism

Korea medical tourism
In this museum you can see and feel various plastic surgery objects and tools such as various types of implants.
This museum also provide you with panels attached to the museum wall which will teach you a number of information, be it about the objects in the museum, or about the ‘ideal’ proportion for a nose which you can achieve through plastic surgery.
Oh, you can also see pieces of jaw bones from surgery patients if you are interested.
Korea medical tourism
pieces of jaw bones from plastic surgery patients
If you want to see how your body would look like from a different perspective, you can look at yourself through BK’s ‘fat mirror’ and ‘slim mirror.’ As the names suggest, fat mirror will make you look fatter so you can see how you would look like if you put a bit of weight and slim mirror does the opposite.
Korea medical tourism
fat and slim mirror


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Learn How The Koreans Deal With Bad Body Odor

Korea medical tourism

There’s nothing more off-putting than bad body odor. Imagine being the most attractive, smart, and funny person in the whole room but people start keeping their distance from you because of your smell. Hardly anything makes you want to live in a hole for the rest of your life more than that.



Having a bad body odor certainly makes you feel insecure. A sense of concern will always cover you if you will meet with friends or colleagues. You certainly have done everything to get rid of that unpleasant aroma from your body. But often these things still arise when doing excessive activities.

You might have done numerous things to get rid of the unpleasant aroma but then the smell comes back when you start doing activities.

Why does this happen?


1. Excessive sweat production

Korea medical tourism

You might start to smell more easily than other people because your body produces more sweat than others’.

2. Bad bacteria

Korea medical tourism

Your body oozes bad smell because your skin is where a lot of germs and microbial flora, which causes your sweat to smell.

3. Eating smelly food

Korea medical tourism

Eating food that has strong smell such as garlic or onion can affect your body odor. However, this is only the case if you eat extensive amount of them.

4.  High fat food

Korea medical tourism

Your body needs more time to process fat than other nutrients, and if fat is stored for too long under your skin, it will produce sweat.

5. Hairy armpits

Korea medical tourism

Hairy armpits have greater chance of being a breeding place for germ because it makes your armpit more moist, which is a condition favored by germs.

6. You don’t clean thoroughly during showers

Korea medical tourism

If you don’t clean thoroughly during your showers, you will still have some remnant of sweat in your skin which will make you smell bad. It is recommended to take a shower at least 2 times a day.

So, is there a permanent solution to bad body odor?

Well, yes there is! It is called osmidrosis.

Osmidrosis is a plastic surgery with the aim of permanently removing your body odor caused by sweat glands.

There are 2 glands that release sweat in our body, they are apocrine and ecrine, and these 2 glands number more than 2 million. Osmidrosis will remove the apocrine gland as ecrine gland is needed by your body.

This surgery is known for solving your excessive sweat issue, which solves your body odor and yellowing shirt problem.

The surgery is done with 1-2 mm incision which won’t leave noticeable scar, nor will it take too much time as the surgery only lasts 1 hour. You can leave the hospital on the same day. No hospital stays required.

It has high satisfaction rate too, seeing that 95% of patients were satisfied from their first treatment.

The process is simple, after checking the sweaty area where apocrine gland is located, your surgeon will perform a topical anesthesia to the area. Next, your surgeon will eliminate the sweat gland and suture it with 1 or 2 stiches.

The apocrine gland removal is done by shooting accusclupt laser lightly to the subcutaneous tissue of hyperhidrosis area then removing the fat tissue and apocrine gland almost completely. And removal of sutures can be done after 1-2 weeks.

Korea medical tourism

Should you be interested in osmidrosis surgery, you can get yours through the help of Medictel, a medical tourism agent for medical tourism to South Korea.

We give free consultation so you can have the best hospital experience while saving money from unnecessary expenses.
we can also help you in acquiring your VISA, book hotel room, provide transport, etc

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Price Ranges of 6 of The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in South Korea

Korea medical tourism

Korea medical tourism

South Korea has the highest plastic surgery rate in the world. In Gangnam alone, there are 500 beauty clinics that provide such treatment.

Aside from the locals, the words of Korea being the plastic surgery capital of the world has reached international tourists around the world. Out of 450,000 tourists who visit Korea to carry out medical procedures, 22% were reported to have come for plastic surgery.

Wanna know how much Korean plastic surgery generally costs?

(Keep in mind that the following prices are only rough estimates. Actual price will vary greatly depending on the patients condition, time of surgery, and a number of other factors)

1. Blepharoplasty

Korea medical tourism

Blepharoplasty is plastic surgery aimed to correct defects, deformities =, and disfigurations of your eyelids, or to modify the shape of your eyes for aesthetic purpose.

This surgery is really popular in Asia because they tend to like eyes with double eyelids. It’s also useful to achieve fresher/younger look by making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Outside of Asia, 15% of plastic surgery procedures done around the world is said to be blepharoplasty.

Cost:  3,000,000 KRW to 5,600,000 KRW

2. Rhinoplasty

Korea medical tourism

Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a surgery done to change or improve the shape and appearance of your nose. Korean people regard nose as one of the more important features of one’s beauty. Generally Koreans prefer nose with high nose bridge to as it gives more prominent look on your nose.

Cost: 4,000,000 KRW to 786,400,000 KRW

3. Chin Augmentations

Korea medical tourism

Asians tend to prefer having slim looking face as opposed to square and firm face unlike people in the West. This look is often referred to as V-line. You can achieve this look by injecting filler to your chin to get a more pointed chin shape and get a V-line effect on your face.

Cost: 6,000,000 KRW to 10,800,000 KRW

4. Jaw Reduction Surgery

Korea medical tourism

This is similar to chin augmentation surgery as this surgery aims to smooth out your jaw shape in order to get the V-line effect.
This surgery is done by scraping your jaw bone in order to create a more proportional and thinner appearance.
Cost: 5,600,000 KRW to 10,800,000 KRW
5. Breast Implant
Korea medical tourism
This surgery is done by implanting silicon in your chests to achieve bigger breasts, which is one of women’s main sexual appeal, physically.
Cost: 5,600,000 KRW to 10,800,000 KRW
6. Hair Transplant
Korea medical tourism
Hair transplants are mostly carried out by men or women with thinning hair or baldness by planting hair to cover the bald part of your head. This is done by taking hair follicles from the back of your head and grafting it to the part that needs it.
Cost: 7,200,000 KRW to 11,990,000 KRW
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Achieving Slim Beautiful Legs in No Time

Korea medical tourism

What is sexier than beautiful legs? The answer is: not a lot of things. Legs are one of the things women like to show off to show their inner femme fatale and turn all the heads in the room.

As such, having beautiful slender is quite important. Normally, you don’t want your calves to look too big as it can end up looking unappealing.

Korea medical tourism

If you have this problem, you can take care of this through plastic surgery.

Surgery on calf does not take long at all and is considered to be one of the safer surgery. Surgical procedure on the calf is commonly referred to as calf muscle elimination, which is done by removing gastrocnemius muscle in the calf.

You still need to maintain the slender shape of your calves even after undergoing the surgery but your calf muscle won’t be able to grow as large as it used to because part of it has been removed.

Korea medical tourism

Who are the right candidates for calf surgery?

You are the right candidate for this calf surgery if:

1. You want slender looking legs.

2. You are unhappy about how your legs look when you wear shorts or mini skirts.

3. You have done calf muscle elimination surgery before but feel that the result isn’t notable enough.

4. Your calves look huge because of their muscles.


What is the process of having calf muscle elimination?

1. Consult your doctor regarding what you want to achieve through the surgery. Make it as clear as possible.

2. After inspecting your calves, the doctor will make small incision on area near wrinkles behind your knee for 2 cm.

3. For safety reasons, the doctor will take note on how much muscle you have so the surgery can be done accordingly.

Because this surgery is done on wrinkles on your knee, the scar from this surgery will barely be visible unlike other surgeries.

Korea medical tourism
wear tight stockings for 3 months after surgery for the best result

Are there special treatments I need to do after having calf muscle elimination surgery?

1. You need a total rest for 2-3 days after surgery.

2. Wrap the area of surgery tightly with gauze.

3. You are advised to wear tight stockings for 3 months after surgery for best results.

4. You aren’t allowed to indulge in heavy activities for 6-8 weeks.

5. You aren’t allowed to wear high heels for 3 months after surgery.